ATTENTION Researchers! Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse research

(reblog)  Wyoming agriculture officials are one step closer to granting researchers a portion of $250,000 allocated by Gov. Matt Mead for wild horse research in the state.

The department received more than 10 proposals for grant-funded research projects, with topics ranging from wild horses’ interaction with the range to population control methods.

“Our goal is to get information and specific data that is lacking or that BLM doesn’t have,” said Chris Wichmann, natural resource and policy manager at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. “We want actual data on the ground that can help the state and BLM with the management of wild horses.”

Money will be divided into three categories for grant approval:

•Wild horse populations and statistical methods
•Wildlife and rangeland conditions
Development of a wild horse scientific summit.
Wyoming agriculture industry leaders say the data could help steer the wild horse conversation away from emotion and toward science.

“We need to bring the discussion back to management of the resource on public and private lands as opposed to horses versus cows,” said Jim Magagna, executive director of  Wyoming Stock Growers Association. “Some solid data with regard to forage consumption and related issues could be helpful in doing that.”

Ken Hamilton, executive director of Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, said that the money may not be enough to solve the issue but that it will provide data for a scientific start to finding solutions.

“With this issue, it is extremely important to try to work for a solution,” Hamilton said. “The current solutions we have are just stopgap measures.”

The agriculture department will work with a panel of four legislators, including agriculture committee chairmen Sen. Gerald Geis, R-Worland, and Rep. Robert McKim, R-Afton.

A decision is expected in late January and early February.

ATTENTION Researchers And. Advocates ! This $$ is destined for YoU! Rachel Reeves, Ginger Kathrens, the Cloud Foundation, Laura Leigh, WHE, RT Fitch and more….

Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch


Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, satellite-Map #3, Google

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, satellite-Map #3, Google
(text per Google):

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Carbon (Co.), Montana

“The Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range is a refuge for a historically significant herd of free-roaming Mustangs, feral horses colloquially (?????) called “wild horses”, located in the Pryor Mountains of Montana and Wyoming in the United States. The range has an area of 39650 acre and was established in 1968 along the Montana–Wyoming border, and was the first protected refuge dedicated exclusively for Mustangs. It was the …”

– All text is available under terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License – Wikipedia
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Inniq ‘2008-30 *exquisite -4 yo colt of Cecelia ‘2002-24 x Sitting Bull ‘1996-09 !


Inniq! 4 yo colt {Cecelia x Sitting Bull} in May 2012, tCF

Cloud’s facebook page, entry 5/18/12: about INNIQ

∞~ Inniq ‘2008-30 *exquisite -4 yo colt ~∞ of Cecelia ‘2002-24 x Sitting Bull ‘1996-09 ! √born 09/07/2008 … & released* with his Family, from 2009 BLM stampede /roundup! …
(although his Sister, “the *miracle Christmas filly” born December! 16, 2006≈ {& still survived…?} … was Stripped from her Home) — her name is *Gabrielle /or/ Giselle – # 2006-30 dh

∞~some said, Inniq was marked with an Ice-cream dipper (& ‘called him that, too 🙂 -but Many now claim : he’s marked by the Comet! (or) a Falling star – on his forehead ~∞

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: Solutions: Ecotourism ** Mar 22, 2012 (saved pg)

–> yes,  ~dear BLM, there Exist : real people … having real √solutions!  ∞
Ecotourism: *Viewing wild Horses & Burros in their *natural state

Ecotourism:  By *State* [link: ]
As 1 of our British supporters remarked: “1 day I’d like to come visit & *see Mustangs running wild* where they’re meant to.”
America’s wild Horses are *universally recognized* & cherished as American *icons. [link ]
Yet, our wild Herds are a mostly-untapped* ecotourism resource*. [link ]

Horse lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, as well as those with an interest in history of the Old West, should be given the opportunity to
*enjoy wild Horse excursions* year-round.
In addition to non-intrusive observation of wild Horse behavior & Herd dynamics, “in-the-wild management” itself could become part of a unique experience for visitors to (HMAs) *Herd Management Areas.
In this manner, the American wild Horse could establish itself as an economic resource ON the Western Range & better its chances of *long-term survival.

Today, wild Horses & Burros can be found primarily on government-designated Herd Management Areas in *Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming*, but also in *Maryland, North Carolina, Hawaii, + even in the Bahamas*.

While *Eastern states* have embraced their wild Herds as an *economic resource, –in the West, whose *spirit its wild Herds truly embody,
the Bureau of Land Management has *failed to acknowledge the wild Horse as having ~any Value on the Range.
So, when U opt to spend your summer vacation trekking to western states to view wild Horses in their *natural habitat, u support the *Horses’ value on Public Lands.

•We have compiled a state-by-state *list of Resources for those interested in *observing wild Horses in their natural environment. With a bit of luck, U will be able to witness Horses in their truly *natural state, travelling in small Bands made up of a Stallion + his harem of Mares, or
in Bachelor-bands of young stallions.
•Please be *respectful of Horses as u view them & always *remember that these are *wild animals.
•Stay on marked roadways, avoid water holes & leave all gates as u find them.
•Remember, it is
*illegal to Chase, Harass, or Harm wild Horses or Burros, or to let your *dogs chase them.
This is particularly impt *during foaling* season.
•Be sure to bring pair of binoculars & telephoto lens 4 camera so u don’t disturb the animals by getting too close.

Please keep in mind that most of these are remote, untouched areas.
*Prior to setting out on a wild Horse *viewing trip, make sure to contact local BLM field office 4 current *updates on *Herd movements, fire restrictions, road conditions, maps, + other pertinent information.

Click here 2 *learn abt each *state’s wild Horse & burro viewing. [link]

Reproduction authorized solely 4 “educational purposes”, provided “credited as *source”

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actually, was Mrs. Pickens who said, “why is it a ‘milestone’ to continue the same tired, flawed model”… | i apologize 4 misquoting your eloquent words, as some 1 else’s

Again, i apologize 4 misquoting Madeline Picken’s wise & eloquent words, as some 1 else’s, who had quoted her…. [so, here are Hers, in Total context (from Her Saving America’s Mustangs Blog-site)—»
“Dear Friends & Supporters,
SAM would like to express its appreciation
for the BLM’s selection of
a 4,000 acre ranch in Wyoming
to house some wild horses,
-but this proposal raises more questions than it answers.
   It continues along the outdated + inhumane path
the BLM has pursued for years; continuing to give wild Horses
to Private ranch operations that
*profit from them – withOut assurances of a real public benefit.

But, let’s look at some of the other aspects of this proposed plan. –»

BLM has suggested they can do necessary NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance work in about 3-6 months.
I have been waiting for over 2 years & have been told all along that NEPA compliance work on the proposal that I submitted –»
for an Eco-sanctuary in northern NV…
would take as long as 2 years,
if they ever start on it. ~
I can only presume that there is …
a special, unique “fast track” for a rancher where NEPA is concerned.

When I met with representatives of Elko County Commission to discuss my proposal for my ranch in northern NV,
I was told by the ranchers that taking only a 1,000 head Wouldn’t reallysave the government & taxpayers that much money-
and, therefore, wasn’t worth much.
Why then is a rancher taking 250 head “cause for celebration”?,
or is this just more double-talk?
• And, why is it a “milestone” to continue the same tired, flawed model, by which —-Horses are gathered in the wild, &
—turned over to ranchers who are *paid a stipend* by the BLM,
instead of
coming up with a humane plan which has a *return to the public*?
• The bottom line is this:
the BLM starts up the same tired program
& marches it out- as if
they are offering the Public & the wild horses
a new experience & direction (?)
— when the Reality
that — it is just more of the same
I wait futilely for years … while the BLM fiddles, instead of
deciding to participate in a truly revolutionary project
that would be ground-breaking
& change the paradigm;
different from business as usual, and
they … continue to putter on.
SAM certainly doesn’t want to criticize every small rancher that steps forward with a plan to take some horses.
• Unfortunately, the BLM has, since its inception, run the Wild Horse & Burro Programfor and
At– the direction of the ranchers. ¤~¤
We think the American *public is entitled to better*, is entitled to see— that
those with the right intentions & solid proposals are included in the process.
I thank you all for your continued support of Mustang Monument
and let’s all continue to *share the plight of the mustangs* in your local community.

Your Friend,
Madeleine Pickens & all the Mustangs
¤~¤  see –»
BLM chooses site for wild Horse Sanctuary
Feb. 24, 2012/ Associated Press
¤~¤ LARAMIE, Wyo. (WTW) – The Bureau of Land Management
has proposed using a private ranch in southeast Wyoming to house 250 wild Horses in a so-called eco-sanctuary.
• The agency said Friday that the facility would be publicly accessible,
in hopes of providing eco-tourism opportunities.
• The BLM expects to take 3 to 6 months
to conduct an environmental review of Deerwood Ranch, about 30 miles west of Laramie near Centennial,
to determine proposed ecosanctuary’s environmental viability.
• The selection is part of an effort to feed + care for wild horses removed from Western lands.
• With goal of controlling the “over-population” of herds,
BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro program gathers wild horses,
puts them up for adoption
& relocates them
in order to balance horse populations & land resources.”–
(C)2012 -Associated Press- 
»Read *BLM press release* announcing its designation of the 1st “eco-sanctuary” here.

BLM question-n-answer document is available here.

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