Wild horse ((& Cat *Kindsfather)) advocates say the BLM jeopardized public process

Wild horse advocates say the BLM jeopardized public process.

…& this NewsCaster…seems to Be in *Agreement *, as well! 😀 {{“nearly public-Less” MEETING…was May 29}}

CARSON CITY, NV (KRNV & Mynews4.com) – Wild horse roundups are a controversial topic in Nevada & across the country. But at a public meeting at Bureau of Land Management office in Carson City today, that was not the only issue.
BLM holds an annual public comment meeting at 1 of their district offices each spring. The topic at this meeting was the use of motorized vehicles & aircraft during wild horse & burro roundups. “I’m totally against that. I think it’s a horrific way to treat the horses,” said Carson City resident Rosette Moltz. Moltz showed up too late for the meeting & was not able to put her comments on the record.
• Wild horse advocates who were not able to make it – say they were not given proper notification of this public comment meeting.
“I have Google alerts and I didn’t see it. Nobody really knew about it,” said Cat Kindsfather. She was at the meeting representing Protect Mustangs, an advocacy group in California. The organization put out a letter in the past few days that read “Breaking News: Government transparency and public process jeopardized.”
Anne Novak is Exec. Director of Protect Mustangs. She says she only found out about the meeting a few days ago, & did not have time to make arrangements to attend. “The whole country should be given adequate notice to participate in person, as well as via email,” said Novak.
• BLM put out a release May 18th, that’s just 5 business days before the meeting. The meeting was also listed on their website. But Novak says that is not good enough. She believes BLM should give 30 days notice.….
• BLM Wild horse & burro Specialist John Axtell was in charge of the meeting. Axtell says BLM is not required to give 30 days notice & this is the 1st time they have received a complaint like this. “In the past we haven’t had much interest at this office. Often people who show up are all local,” said Axtell.
But wild horse advocates say that is not true. They brought statements from people from across the country to the meeting. “The issue is about motorized vehicles, helicopters & such, and that * applies to America’s wild horses which are all American people’s horses,said Kindsfather.
• 0nly 4 people spoke out at today’s meeting. BLM officials say due to the low turnout they will allow people to send in their comments until June 12, 2012.…

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S*h*a*r*i*n*g S0me Comments::

♦ To whom it may concern:

Not only are the wild horses & burros victims of abuse at the hands of your agency, but, so are
we, the American people, who admire & love OUR wild horses & burros. We are anguished & tormented with the knowledge of your brutal methods. We should be able to rest easy in knowing that these animals, that are so beloved by the American peoplewe got an act of congress passed with unanimous consent in 1971, – are truly protected.
Instead, we continue to have to fight for their very existence on the open range. This was settled years ago~ ∞
but sneaky amendments unpopular with the American people have been snuck into bills without the oversight of the American people -&- weakened the intended 1971 protections.
These animals are beloved & cherished for a reason.
Without them our country would not be what it is today. Wars since then would have been lost, & our lives would not have been enriched. … Numerous abuses have been documented of helicopter stampedes, in which burros are pushed with skids -&- knocked to the ground … & elderly animals are run until dropping in complete exhaustion, only to be harassed some more.
Removing the ancient wisdom from these herds does great harm to them. The older equid are the reservoirs of knowledge. They know where to find water, & where to travel in the seasons for forage. The old stallions, jacks, mares, & Jennies are the ones who determine whether conditions are right for increasing their herd size … & they adhere strictly to nature’s program for propagation.
The irony is not lost on me, that:
if they were left completely alone-∞- nature would provide the balance. And, the land would thrive as a result. … Much work has been done by promoters of holistic range management proving that the “science” currently being used by the BLM, Forest Service, + Texas Parks & Wildlife Department does not work. The lands continue to desertify at an alarming rate, – yet the same practices [are] causing this rapid decline?!

Miss Abby – 6/6/2012 9:59 PM

It is an utter disgrace, what is going on in this “once mighty country” -the land of “Freedom”! The fact is that our very freedom is being jeopardized in front of our eyes, and the way the government is treating our Wild Horses, our “Symbols of Freedom, reflects how little regard the administration has for the concept of FREEDOM and for it’s people. What kind of message is this★ sending to the rest of the world?
This★ America is NOT “United” any more.… It is “Dividedby GREED for MONEY. It is a travesty, that our Government is siding with & representing corporate greed, rather then the People! The horses who have been the most valiant in helping “humanity” are sacraficed once again..…this time it is in the name of GREED!
We the People, are speaking; NO HELICOPTER OR MOTORIZED, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF ROUND UPS! Allow the horses & other wild animals exist in PEACE.
It is ludicrous, what the BLM is saying, that a wild animal will just “walk peacefully” when a huge noisy machine decends upon them.… Horses are pray animals, & they will run to avoid danger. Everything the BLM is doing, is against veterinary advice; running heavily pregnant mares & 1-2 month old foals for even 1 mile will hurt them……yet the BLM “only” runs them for mere 6 miles? on rocky ground in 100+ degree, &/ or below freezing weather in snow. All one has to do is open their eyes & really look to see the panic the fear, & some times the incredible will & courage to remain free. There has been numerous tragic attempts to jump 6′ tall fences, or charge it and die with a broken neck. To see a beautiful free animal end up such tragic fate, breaks a persons heart, &- takes our “Audacity of Hope” away in these hard times!

Windhorse49 – 6/4/2012 7:23 AM

BLM has no transparency, they are very crooked & have a slaughter panel, yes a pro slaughter panel of decision makers on what to do with wild horses, i think that’s pretty cut & dry of —what Ken Salazar has in mind for the wild horses.

Kelly941 – 5/31/2012 5:11 PM

Do you not think those horses are not scared to death, of the helicopters, & all terrain vehicles, & comotion that it takes to do this. These horses are also injured, foals etc. How sad, all for what. BLM says they are ruining the grounds, but once they take all the horses out, they open up the watering holes so the cows can rome freely. Don’t cows leave footprints too. Anyway, this is all blood money for the government, trying to boost our dying economy. This could lead to our wild horses becoming extinct….is this what we want people. Enough is enough already. What are they going to do when they are all gone, start selling our pets!! This is really corrupt & decietful to the American people who know nothing….because they don’t want people to find out what they are up to. Not only is this very inhumane for the animals, sold to kill-buyers & then off to slaughter.
It is also being done on taxpayer’s dollars. Does this not want to make you scream? BLM, leave our wild horses & burro’s alone, they do not even belong to you. Cut the crap, lies & GREED! I’m not buying it & niether are a whole lot of other people who WILL find out your dirty little secret.

Nola sater – 5/31/2012 12:44 PM

Believe it or not, but helicopters are much more humane & less stressful on the horses than gathering them on horseback. Using saddle horses to catch these horses is like watching a stampede as horsemen try to control the galloping horses hellbent to get away. Those who couldn’t keep up were left behind. Saddle horses were in danger trying to keep up with the more hardy mustang running on their own turf. Now that is dangerous for horses & horsemen alike. Helicopters herd the horses at the pace THEY set until the last push into the trap. That is the only time these horses are “stampeded.” Foals & old horses can keep up & are not left behind as they were in the old days of using cowboys & saddle horses to chase them down. As for no gathers??? Every animal needs a population control. Horses have few to none depending on the region they live. They grow at 20% each year. They live in arid to semi-arid places. Grass abundant? No. Water abundant? No. They have to share these limited resources with wildlife & plants. And yes, cattle leases that have been around LONG before the Wild Horse Act. Not gathering & maintaining horse populations will result in degraded rangelands & threaten wildlife populations. Please think about the whole ecosystem & the whole picture before letting your hearts run so completely with wild horses.

Wallingj – 5/31/2012 12:02 PM ::

Sometimes I just do not know where to begin, will what I say make a difference, will those so called open for comment meetings make a difference to the wild horses (BLM)…..Does it matter what we have to say, the tax payer as it seems the BLM do just what they want anyway and when videos are taken and show burros and horses being hit with the skids or when a beautiful stallion that was just running free 10 minutes ago is now dead because he broke his neck in that chute they chased him into, does it matter what I say, does anyone other then people that care deeply for the horrible way in which these Mustangs are being treated care. Now I know that not all BLM employees are desensitized but it is fairly obvious for those that are watching what is happening see it, see the injustice, what exactly is it that allows people to not step in and say this is just not the way we treat our Wild Horses. Watching the last BLM meeting live stream and hearing the BLM saying that what they have done by gathering 47,000 is not working, now they say that, now that it could be possible to open up Slaughter Plants once again, now they say that…The Best interest is what they have in mind for these Mustang’s, then why is this inhumane treatment of them continuing, it is their way or no way, our comments mean nothing to them and the corruption continues to run rampant and here we are once again, trying to help the Mustangs and the abuse continues. So sad when those foals were forced to run and their hoofs were still soft and their hoofs just wore off to nothing, now isn’t that something that would make you or anyone sit up and say, this is abuse to a little foal, just trying to keep up with his Mamma and band while being chased by this object in the sky, would it not make you cringe?

jeannie – 5/31/2012 6:16 AM 1 Vote


speaking of ¤TRANSPARENCY¤….

~on~ Brandeis & The History Of Transparency -from the Sunlight Foundation
–» an article by their 2009 intern, Andrew Berger:
¤~¤ excerpt ¤~¤
“Louis Brandeis made his famous statement that

“sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”
in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.”
But it was an image that had been in his mind for decades… 20 years earlier, in a letter to his fiancé, Brandeis had expressed an interest in writing “a sort of companion piece” to his influential article on “The Right to Privacy,”
~this time he would focus on “The Duty of Publicity.”
He had been thinking, he wrote,
“about the *wickedness of people shielding* wrongdoers
& passing them off

(or at least allowing them to pass themselves off)
as Honest men.

He then proposed a remedy:

“If the broad light of day could be let in upon men’s actions, it would purify them as the sun disinfects.”

Interestingly, at that time the word “publicity” referred both to something like what we think of as “public relations”, as well to
the practice of *making information widely available to the public* ….
(Stoker & Rawlins, 2005).

* That latter definition sounds a lot like what we now mean by
¤ Transparency ¤ ”
[continue reading here]–»
the History of Transparency

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov't really DOES~

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov’t really DOES~

*Win of Press Freedom* granted by Court!? on Feb 14 in “Access case” brought by *Laura Leigh, journalist*/founder Wild Horse Edu.”

–» After “9th Cir Court *granted Leigh’s Appeal;
they Recognized roundups will occur, (as matter of course); when BLM argued “moot” b/c” (that 1) “roundup ended. —» &
the 9th Circuit” DISAGREED: it *ruled* “a win for Journalists (Free Press), & Public to 😀

«gain ¤ meaningful access ¤ to the actions» of Their government” **!!
–»but ?now… BLM (a bureau to Protect our Public resources, including Our *wild horses*) ~ ~whines AGAIN(Against Supreme Ct ¤Wisdom¤)
«–» that a gov’t “Rogue Agency” ~should? afterall- have
~Right 2 *Hide what your gov’t really Does!???

& [..uh.. ¤ was ~that «an Order», sir?? ..uh..U meant ?us?]
«–was/Is ¤ anybody Listening?!» …(not even to Supreme Court)?? Really? read: http://artandhorseslauraleigh.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/the-fight-for-access-continues/

& guess My ~idiot citizen brain -just “dudn’t Get it” ?? [HOW does this ~Work, again?]…?? ?%÷[

(yet)..another Brief filed, in the ongoing fight to get BLM to create meaningful ~standard of care~ for ¤ wild Horses & Burros ¤ that Congress mandated…¤40 YEARS¤ ago!

yep, this IS a Foal, Laura!  at triple b..

yep, this IS a Foal, Laura! at triple b..

(yet)..another Brief filed, in the ongoing fight to get BLM (Bureau of Land “Mgmt”) to create a meaningful ~standard of care~ for the ¤ wild Horses & Burros ¤ that Congress mandated….¤40 YEARS¤ ago! –»please? read: “Humane Care fight marches on” by Laura Leigh !
the Humane case Marches on…

…&on, &on, &on…(a.k.a.) IS this ~still~ America ???
…»& she says, “government attorneys are fighting Leigh’s Motion.” with “argument based simply on assertion that they are
*fighting her* Ninth Circuit, First Amendment, win that SET the Precedent.” …
In current brief: “The ruling in Leigh v. Salazar, 668 F.3d 1126 (9th Cir. 2012) STANDS as precedence unless or until the appellate court reverses itself.”
–» (& they Won’t ! 😉

Irony/(was that an Order, sir?)/ ok, but Not »here, nor »here, & particularly Not~ in Utah! [how does this Work, again?] ~Message of oloriondolinde

~¤~ {~continual Revision~ 3/26-4/2; ~still Link fixing! m/b NOW will actually ~work? …we’ll see }

@oloriondolinde: But (just) Not in UTAH?.. nor IOWA….?..
As “Witnesses -in Congress- called FOR Increased Public participation, … & Transparency”?
“in fed Land-mgmt *decision-making* Process” ??
?!(how ~dare they?)

what the h*@$l IS ≈this?? ≈feel-good Propaganda ≈direct from House Natural Resources, mind U!
(a.k.a. *bold-faced LIES??!) ± “this vital resource needs to be managed for the Benefit of All users; & *I strongly believe* that there is PLENTY of It to go around,” said Chairman Bishop (UT-01). €’8^[

Irony ? /or/
{O! was that an Order, sir?. . .I mean, about the Supreme Ct protecting FREEDOM-of-the-PRESS… & all that ~Constitutional jazz~? ? ? } Fed Ct of Appeals WIN ~
/ …uh…
~ ok,-but Not »here, nor »here, & particularly Not~ in Utah! …?
»»the Utah GAG Law««
–»The Cloud Foundation shared:
¤~¤ “New Legislation introduced in Utah
would make it
*ILLEGAL to Film* animal Abuse”!! ?
illegal to film abuse?

_________keep going:

¤ [now, how does this Work, again?]
= A wondering Message of  Olóriondolindë: Hmmm…wonder IF U can ~still ~Report? Child Abuse?. .& what if it’s on a ~Farm ? …
¤~¤ so…
√√this out!:
Muckraking (Literally): Should It Be Illegal to FILM *Animal Abuse*?
~the Atlantic~ Muckraking, should it be Illegal?
¤~¤ a.k.a. Ag-Gag-laws :
[quote excerpt]
“Last week, IOWA became 1st state (in Am.) to make it a Crime to *lie to get onto a farm TO record images* of animal Abuse. UTAH…Gov. is poised to sign legislation…to Go even further *shielding Animal Treatment* from Public view. UT’s statute would BAN photography of livestock (w/o owner permission) –a misdemeanor *punishable by Fine ± 1 yr prison.
*This new iteration of laws, a.k.a. “agricultural interference” statutes, -base upon legal concept— private enterprise has ~right to conduct~ business mostly in private–» based upon political premiselivestock industry warrants special protections (that ordinary criminal law does not afford it)”;
like general trespass/nuisance/fraud laws of IO & UT…
•“1st Amendment Interest–»likely won’t be long b4 someone is arrested/charged with these new state crimes”…thus, not “long b4 lawsuit attacking their Validity”…
Ken Paulson, of 1st Amendment Center, said that “ag gag” bills …likely Will face “significant 1st Amendment challenge.” & wrote:
News-gathering is protected by 1st Amendment, & that applies even if the gatherer is an advocacy org.
Any attempt to keep people from exercising their freedom of Speech or Press by preventing them from collecting information is going to be constitutionally suspect. It’s particularly troubling in cases where the government is trying to use its power to prevent the Public from documenting what many believe = *cruel treatment* of animals. 
• Utah/Iowa will likely have to do more to legally justify restrictions on free speech. e.g., if all the “perpetrator” is doing = taking photos, then where is “interference” w/ “agricultural” business? Doesn’t “interference” come only afterwards, + only if what images show are so disturbing as to force farms into changing practices (or lose business)? & if so, wouldn’t 1st Amendment protect gathering of such images?”
• “It’s absurd–idea that Iowa & Utah Farmers = a persecuted group needing special protection in laws designed to chill the flow of info abt matters of public health.”

Suzanne Roy, of AWHPC says, “This is abt hiding the truth of conditions at animal agricultural operations from the public. @horse slaughter summit in Las Vegas, ranchers bemoaned urbanization of America & that people have lost touch with where their food comes from. Now they try to crack down on photographic & video evidence that shows the Public exactly where their food comes from.”
…“–half-dozen other states are thinking about new “ag-gag” laws–
Every journalist, every advocate, every person who believes in the idea that “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” every advocate of *transparency*, & even every person who cares about what they eat ought to be concerned by these laws…
Put another way: If these industries need this much special protection from collection of truthful images, then
it’s awful to imagine what’s happening to some animals who live in places the cameras have not yet found.”

Finally, finally!!…(uh)..wait,..was/is Anybody LISTENING??

Finally finally!! SOMEONE is LISTENING! [(uh)…was/is Anybody LISTENING??…(apparently ~Not?!?]
This Out-of-Control ROGUE Government AGENCY …WILL -Be forced to FOLLOW the LAW!!!!…. eventually...
BLM** & Dept of Interior* can’t continue to Be “totally Unchecked”& WITHOUT Checks/Balances forever ***
(as Laura said), THIS IS *BIG* Folks!

=== ¤ Best “Valentine” I’ve Ever ¤ Received !! ;D ===

finally!!…(uh)…WAS/Is Anybody LISTENING??

This case, by the HEROES of our time, w/b quoted…whenever “the Public’s Right 2 KNOW”–is ~doubted! Saving the 1st Amendment!

BEST ‘VALENTINE” Ever!!! ..quoting the Author of Our Constitution!…the Judge said, “a popular Government, withOut popular information, OR the means of Acquiring it…is but a Prologue to a Face OR a Tragedy, or perhaps Both…to Provide this 1st Amendment. PROTECTION, the Supreme. Ct has LONG Recognized…a qualified Right of ACCESS for the Press and for the Public — to Observe Government. ACTIVITIES!’ (WOW…Wow! –This* Case — will Be quoted, in 1000’s to come!—whenever / wheresoever the “Public’s Right to Know” OR the PRESS * has ‘reason to Question”…if/what our Government “is Hiding’…behind its Closed-Doors!) –> YOU, Laura & Gordon will Be their HEROES!

Scientific and Scholarly MISCONDUCT*{claim filed Against BLM!}*Intentional Exclusion* of LIVESTOCK-Grazing* as “Disturbance Factor” from *Rapid Ecoregional Assessments!

News! #Complaint of *Scientific and Scholarly MISCONDUCT* –{filed Against BLM!}
*Intentional Exclusion* of LIVESTOCK Grazing* as a “Disturbance Factor” from *Rapid_Ecoregional_Assessments BY Bureau of Land Management !

�Complainant: Filed BY Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER),
nonprofit svc org representing Public employees, including *Scientists working within Dept of Interior* (DOI), generally, + within U.S. Bureau of Land Management* (BLM), specifically.

�COMPLAINT Summary: BLM is conducting a �series of Rapid-Ecoregional-Assessments�
(REAs) to *establish Baseline condition* and *future Vulnerability of resources of
�Conservation Concern� vis-�-vis regionally *important Ecological and Environmental
*disturbance factors*.
�BLM intends to *conduct REAs* for “all Ecoregions which contain Land and Resources” under *BLM administration.
�These REAs are ~Intended to~ understand *ecological Conditions and *trends of Resources of
conservation Concern, such as fish and Wildlife Habitats, Species of concern, Soils, Water @regional level as *affected by Natural + Human “disturbance factors”*, such as: wildfire, invasive species, *Development (incl. #Energy-development activity),
*Climate change*, and other *CAUSAL Factors* of regional importance.
�These REAs are intended to:
*establish both *Baseline ecological Condition* data + *Predict future Vulnerabilities*,
�To PROVIDE *science-based information for
�Use in *future Resource-Planning* and *Decision-making within an �adaptive Management”-framework,
{including WILD HORSE Management/Mismanagement of HMAs, HAs, +hidden Holding facilities!!!}.

�LIVESTOCK Grazing ‘as a Causal_Agent’ was- *EXCLUDED from Further-Consideration*!! in ALL 6 Ecoregions*,
+ all ~proposed *Management �questions* Relevant to Condition Assessments� were *stricken-from-the-record*. !
�Intentional EXCLUSION of *Livestock-GRAZING*-as a Causal-Factor FROM the REAs* will *slant Resultant findings AND *Interpretations of Causes* responsible for status and… {read more link!}


Obama Administration Issues Impotent Horse Slaughter Commentary

ROCK, RANT, and ROLL!! Keep it up, keep it going, Time 2 ROAR!
just Do it ~Rock-ON 🙂

Obama Administration Issues Impotent Horse Slaughter Commentary.

Hoping that Laura will be Nominated for an Emmy or Excellence in Investigative newscasting Award

Please read about this Insanity ??


Not All “Judas” Horses Have Four Legs (via Straight from the Horse’s Heart)

We NEED George KNAPP again !!…………right NOW
to cover the *Escalating Plight of the Wild Horses, the *current COURT-cases/ Law-suits,,,,,,which may Decide the Fate of –either the Wild Horses OR of the corrupt BLM*….the impending *deadly Roundups & Eradication of Herds !!!!!
He can Do it —- like No one else !
Calling on George Knapp, in Nevada ??? Calling on George Knapp !

Not All "Judas" Horses Have Four Legs (In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Executive Director, HfH Advisory Council Diarrhea of the Mouth Claims Another Victim Our recent flurry of rational, planned and effective legal assaults, along with others,  upon the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) defunct Wild Horse & … Read More

via Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Hello world! what could U possibly Mean by Written Law?

I’m sorry, but I just Can NOT Understand!–several phrases [and Intents]!: (1)to accomplish this they are to be CONSIDERED IN in the Area where presently FOUND, as integral part of natural system of the public lands…
Matt said, Considered in area where presently found = key part, AND
(2) #Interpreted 2 mean: managers supposed to CONSIDER these areas FOR horses, but that does NOT mean they are REQUIRED 2 use ENTIRE area for Horses. Many wild horse Areas have “HERD AREAS” = much LARGER than Herd-#Management-Areas that horses actually Live in (PRYOR’s has a LITTLE bit of HMA out of HA)!! #!*WHY* ??
(3) PM-WHR = combination of agency + private rangelands AUTHORIZED FOR USE by wild horses.—!-Not to be CONFUSED with Wild Horse RANGE which =special Designation which only BLM-portion of PM-WHR has status. [???]
(4) Forest Service Planning documents for the Pryor’s ONLY ALLOW for management of “HORSES in Area Q” up there… !
–OK, IF Herd AREAS = the Areas where Horses WERE found 1971″, then #WHY are Wild Horses NOT #Authorized to Use# ANY and ALL of such Areas??
WHY would a HMA or RANGE ever EXCLUDE any of such legally-Entitled land area?? (and PM Horses may USE ONLY a LITTLE bit of their HA)?!! –this just makes absolutely *No Sense to me!!?
The so-called managers of this Law-given Land were chosen to be the BLM; so
WHY/HOW could any Mgr. only consider, but Not ALLOW protected wild Horses to HAVE ACCESS to every Inch of that land, which IS legally-set aside FOR them?? HOW do they consider any Personal Opinion— as ABOVE the Federal Law??
same– for the FOREST Svc (other Employees of tax-payers!); #I don’t CARE if# the FS or NPS have subsequently Planned, for any Reason, to give wild Horses ACCESS to ONLY a tiny portion called ‘Area Q’ up there!! WHY are they also ABOVE the Law??
When the 1971 law was enacted; Every bush, rock, soil space, hiking trail, road, water source, or ‘initials carved into a tree’:::that WERE WITHIN the HERD Area where HORSES were Found! >>was legally Designated *Primarily* FOR their *Use*! (and Only *secondarily* FOR any other purpose)! So, I do NOT understand
WHY it would be Differently interpreted for Land area that was *historically* or *subsequently* said to belong to a (especially a *PUBLIC-owned*/*entitled* Area), like *Forest Service*, or TO a *Park Service*, or TO a local *Neighborhood Watch area*, or Public *garden space*..!! the LAW stated: -That specific- land/soil/water area WAS to BE managed FOR wild horses!
And IF I or You had already, OR later, Planned-to-Use Any of it (land, tree, rock) for some other purpose of our Own, –then We SHOULD Not and Would Not be allowed to DO so!–If such other plan Use would EXCLUDE, in any way, Concurrent and Primary USE by the wild horses!!
i.e. We would be S-#-out-of-luck 🙂 ? and Expected to come up with a Different Plan..?!
soWHY would the *Forest Service* (& similarly in other areas, like a named *National REFUGE area*), or even *Aunt Beas Quilting Club* NOT be REQUIRED to comply with the law?? It should just be too bad for their *other plans*, as well?!
andeven though *subsequent laws* talk about Allowing for Multiple-USEs; such Extra dreamed-up Uses.. should also NOT be allowed to *Change the Primary* Use ??! If they can *non-intrusively Co-Exist* with the Horses USEthats fine! IF Notcome up with a different Plan!
[I am assuming here, *the Intent* of Multiple-Uses was mainly FOR/so Public citizens could also Use such land…like for hiking, camping, skiing, singing, meditation, swimming…etc]-but such Use could Not include Owning or Destroying or PERMANENTLY Changing that area FOR oneself, at the EXPENSE of *the Primary USE-rs* (Wild Horses/Burros)?!
Please explainWHY this is not Correct ??
[last question, i swear]: Exactly and Precisely, *WHAT ARE these multiple uses planned* for the Pryor Mountain HORSE AREA??, and for *the HMA*??, or for *the National Park*??, and
the *Custer National Forest* ???
WHAT exactly DO they *wish to USE this land FOR*that *necessitates Excluding legally-protected ACCESS* to the Wild Horses there ???
truly sorry if Im just too dense to Read & Understand the Intent of U.S. Law? (having earned a doctorate degreeone might conclude that I Should be able to logically understand Laws as written?) Maybe *Every One ELSE GETS it*!? & Im just an idiot citizenbut, I DONT THINK SO! ??


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