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*a PROUD ~mommy~ ! KicKing-UP my heels* this WeekEnd + Monday ! …(05/18-05/20, 2013) “;{)

    Nat. Geo. asked: “IF you could BE – any North American WILD animal??” – Tweet –
    (( I would wanna BE: ¤ wild & Free mare, Mariah ¤ on Pryor Mountain WILD HORSE RanGe !! ))

|| Thank you*, Cloud Foundation, for my “borrowing” of YOUR photo’s *SentiMent* ! {I dunno of ANY other 1 ~ that could Answer “Nat. Geo’s Question”!? } ||


06/26/2012- BLM postpones Pryor Mtn Removal! {D/t Inefficient/*ineffective “process”, Go~figure!?} (BLM “Gather” update)

Diamond/Teton gals: WarBonnet 1993-11 Phoenix 1991-04 Kayenta, savánimë 2010-24/1st dblRoan s00n2Go!

Diamond/Teton gals: WarBonnet 1993-11 Phoenix 1991-04 Kayenta, savánimë 2010-24/1st dblRoan s00n2Go!

BLM, Billings f.o. updates
BLM Pryor Mtn. “Gather” update 06/26/2012:::?
by golly…it’s the Horses’ √fault, of course!¢°÷≈}~
—– BLM postpones Pryor Mtn Removal! {Due/to *Inefficient/*ineffective “process”,

per BLM :
News and Information::

Daily “Gather” Update – June 26, 2012

“Effective immediately, BLM is suspending operations using paint balls to mark targeted “excess” wild horses for removal during this summer’s “bait trap gather” in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.
Before the paint can dry, the *horses are rubbing against each other* -and- *confusing the paint markings* among the horses.”…

ah! *such °irresponsible –Rubbing of bottoms °? !… ( & the like)?
Causing ≈≈ ConFusion♦… -&C H A O $Sindeed;
(as I noted :: ∞~by golly … ★this is those Horses’ √faults-!??°of course.?) ¢°÷≈}~
| how Dare they ♦?? |

“In 1 instance, a paint ball exploded prematurely and *marked nearby horses*. ”

BLM is “re-evaluating” how to most effectively mark horses for removal; updates will be provided here as soon as possible.

★No horses are being gathered or removed at this time.★ 😀

The color code below identifies tiers established for excess horse removal. This is based on the tiers identified in Environmental Assessment (p. 9-11). Removal TIERS


Tier One – Blue
Tier Two Higher PriorityOrange
Tier Two Lower PriorityGreen
Tier Three – Red

The wild horse is not hurt as a result of using paint balls shot from a paint ball gun. Even less than experiencing a shot at the doctor’s office or being darted with fertility control drug porcine zona pellucida (PZP), the shooter aims for the hindquarters where the animal feels a quick superficial impact to the outer layer of hide.
Photo below (on their link) shows accurately marked horse… . (ie., per BLM)

{{info on *this photo*: taken by the Cloud Foundation on 04/21/12;

Diamond/Teton gals:
WarBonnet 1993-11,
Phoenix 1991-04,
& Kayenta, “savánimë” 2010-24 –» 1st (known) double Roan;
& ≈≈ √ s00n-2-Go! :”(
–» ((she’s Tier One))
~~~√•p•0*0•F*! … ^~gone°~^

btw, “savánimë” = “the Doubly beautiful” }}

meet Hopscotch! @ 2-3 mo. old :D ~living in Sandwash, Colorado …for now…

#Wildhorse Daily: Hopscotch- the war bonnet paint filly born ... on Twitpic
¤~meet “Hopscotch”
a war-bonnet paint filly, born ~this Spring -on *Sandwash HMA, CO !
[share via #wildhorsedaily & the Cloud Foundation, June 26, 2012 ]
¤~please *Pray for her* to remain Free-roaming & Dignified~¤ for All her magnificent Life?!

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, *Lived At PEACE* in Custer Forest~¤

¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, Living *PEACEfully -in- Custer Forest~¤  [tCF]

¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, Living *PEACEfully -in- Custer Forest~¤ [tCF]

Jun 9, 2012 «tribute»
¤~Conquistador & his lovely band 2005, in Custer Forest

Laura Leigh said, “Also I want to say a Prayer~ for
¤~the magnificent Conquistador~¤ , a Stallion of the Pryor Mountains !

He passed away 😦 with no obvious sign of injury.
Ginger went to search for him, as he had not been seen…

¤~Run Free Forever ~ beautiful, beautiful stallion~¤
……. ~Laura~ ……

{¤~Nóro Mírima Tenn’oio ~ vánima, savánima nér-olompo~¤}
…you are •sadly Missed• ~ and *Never will be Forgotten*… {thank U, regal Stallion, for Sharing your ~Life, ~Wisdom, ~Family –with Us !}

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

2012-__ foal, “Moonstone” = blaze sorrel filly {Half Moon 2718 x Diamond/Teton 9401} on 04/21 !

I’ve found out: this darling’s NAME is *~ Moonstone ~* 😀

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!

Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!
≈roan daughter of Sitka 1989-2006 X Cloud 1995-13
{ & She’s their 0nly remaining offspring, too 😦 }

Fed Court FORCES *Dept of Interior* to “Consider the SCIENCE” directly in its Face!

¤~”Federal Court FORCES Interior Department to Consider «Scientific Evidence» -Regarding Wild Horse Management”
😀 😀 😀 “;^O 😀 ~;^* 😀 😀

| shared by {the Cloud Foundation} on May 10, 2012 … <°÷≈¢

¤~ Honorable U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell stated in her 23-page opinion that the agency
“may not
simply *remain studiously ignorant* of material scientific evidence – well known to the agency – –

and brought directly TO its attention in timely-filed comments.” !!!
• She *decisively Rejected* the BLM’s attempt
to Exclude
–» the expert declarations from the agency’s ~decision-making process~
and Affirmed that *the Court would
consider* the “material scientific evidence”
contained IN the declarations as in future rulings in the case.~¤

{here's more}–»

😀 😀 <¤÷~} 😀 “;^* 😀 😀 ”]image

[tCF post] Stone Cabin (some) Wild Horses Released! – Feb 18 [reblog] + “gov’t gather reports” 2/5–2/15, 2012

Email- Feb 18,012 13:12
@ TheCloudFound 😦
• The “Stone Cabin, NV roundupstarted on 2/5. Over 600 wild horses have Lost their ¤Freedom¤,
9 (@least) have paid the ~highest price! … √no, it was 14 !
Stone Cabin Complex Wild Horse Gather
*BLM* Gather Reports:

Date (of 2012) /Comments (per BLM)
• Tuesday, Feb. 14
Summary: ~gather is going well~.
Animals “gathered” (i.e. stampeded by helicopter): 167
Animals shipped (to Holding/processing): 0
Gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None
Non-gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None

• Monday, Feb. 13
Summary: Trap-site supposed to be moved again today but snow & wind changed plans. 
-finished gathering @ old site & called it a day. animals held for  adoption given coggins test.
Animals gathered: 17
Animals shipped: 0
Gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None
Non-gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None
• Sunday, Feb. 12
Summary: “Trap-site was moved today & the wild Horses were in really Good condition.” {!}… hmmm, makes u wonderWHY our gov’t claims they’re TOO Crowded?
Animals gathered: 82
Animals shipped: 0
Gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None
Non-gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None
• Saturday, Feb. 11
Summary: 11 fillies & colts were set aside for trapsite adoption Feb. 18..
Animals gathered: 30.
Animals shipped: 41.
Gather related Deaths: 1*
Cause: *Nerve damage* “likely due to gather ~activities” !{ya think?>:[
NON-gather related Deaths: 1 {!?}
Cause: {!?}>~”Previous~ HIP injury”…{yet Chased 4 untold miles? & RAN to trap! }

• Friday, Feb. 10
Summary: Wild horses were in ~better condition than 1’s found yesterday.
1 person from the Public. {Laura/Elyse}
Animals gathered: 65.
Animals shipped: 43
Gather related Deaths: * 3 !!
Cause: 1 *broken leg.{!} 
1 broken *Neck. {!really? Simple as that!}
=1 of “unknown causes”
(veterinarian is examining her to ~try 2 find cause).
->{but 00 vet report was/is filed….still }
Non-gather related deaths: 0
Cause: None

• Thursday, Feb. 9
Summary: Moved trap-site today. 1 Public. (Elyse)
Animals gathered: 19.
Animals shipped: 39.
Gather related deaths: 0 
Cause: none
NON-gather related: 1 !?      
Cause: Very * poor body condition~ {?!…that Means Murdered, btw}.

• Wednesday, Feb. 8
Summary: Moved trap-site today. No public. 
Animals gathered: 43.
Animals shipped: 47.
Gather related deaths: 0 
Cause: none
Non-gather related deaths: 0 
Cause: none

• Tuesday, Feb. 7
Summary: No public. 
Animals gathered:  44.
Animals shipped: 83.
Gather related deaths: 0 
Cause: none
NON-gather related? Deaths: * 3 !      
Cause:  Club Foot__ {!?}
{uh…they GALLOPED Into trap well enough..?!}… yep, & murdered for it.

• Monday, Feb. 6
Summary: No public. 
Animals gathered: 76.
Animals shipped: 36.
Gather related deaths: 0 
Cause: none
Non-gather related deaths: 0   
Cause: none.
{funny, on thoseno public days”, there are generally NO deaths!-(reported)…? geez, m/b Elyse Kills themw/her ~camera lens? >;[ }.
• Sunday, Feb. 5*
Summary:  Gather started today. No public. 
Animals gathered: 113.  
Animals shipped:  0
Gather related deaths:  0 
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths:  0       
Cause: none
__________—–Original Message——From: WordPress.      To: Me–bb
Subject: [New post] Stone Cabin Wild Horses Released – Feb. 2012
Sent: Feb 19, 2012 17:07

New post on Stone Cabin Wild Horses Released – Feb. 2012 by the cloud foundation: “For the hundreds & thousands that are removed FROM the wild, there are still a lucky few who are released back. The Stone Cabin Wild Horse Complex roundup in eastern Nevada removed over 600 horses from their rangelands.      Here are some of those that got the chance to go back home. Their families have been splintered, but at least they are free again. ..
Photos of both mares & stallions. All mares were treated with infertility drug PZP.
All photos taken by Elyse Gardner, who was on site for the release. U can check out her reports from the field at her Humane Observer blog here……
[Click to view slideshow.]
thecloudfoundation | February 19, 2012 at 10:07 pm |
Tags: blm nevada, mustangs, nevada, roundup, stone cabin, wild horses |
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