ATTENTION Researchers! Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse research

(reblog)  Wyoming agriculture officials are one step closer to granting researchers a portion of $250,000 allocated by Gov. Matt Mead for wild horse research in the state.

The department received more than 10 proposals for grant-funded research projects, with topics ranging from wild horses’ interaction with the range to population control methods.

“Our goal is to get information and specific data that is lacking or that BLM doesn’t have,” said Chris Wichmann, natural resource and policy manager at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. “We want actual data on the ground that can help the state and BLM with the management of wild horses.”

Money will be divided into three categories for grant approval:

•Wild horse populations and statistical methods
•Wildlife and rangeland conditions
Development of a wild horse scientific summit.
Wyoming agriculture industry leaders say the data could help steer the wild horse conversation away from emotion and toward science.

“We need to bring the discussion back to management of the resource on public and private lands as opposed to horses versus cows,” said Jim Magagna, executive director of  Wyoming Stock Growers Association. “Some solid data with regard to forage consumption and related issues could be helpful in doing that.”

Ken Hamilton, executive director of Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, said that the money may not be enough to solve the issue but that it will provide data for a scientific start to finding solutions.

“With this issue, it is extremely important to try to work for a solution,” Hamilton said. “The current solutions we have are just stopgap measures.”

The agriculture department will work with a panel of four legislators, including agriculture committee chairmen Sen. Gerald Geis, R-Worland, and Rep. Robert McKim, R-Afton.

A decision is expected in late January and early February.

ATTENTION Researchers And. Advocates ! This $$ is destined for YoU! Rachel Reeves, Ginger Kathrens, the Cloud Foundation, Laura Leigh, WHE, RT Fitch and more….

Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch


twitpics LOST EVERY 1 of 16-17 tweets on Twitter during Radio interview!!!!!!!!

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(((From tweets I {°thot I} posted……during R.T.Fitch interview… with Marti Oakley TruthSquad radio 8-10 p.m. on 9/13))))
grrrrrr!!!!!!!!! NOT 1 OF MY WORDS ‡posted‡--0NLY THE PICS????????????????

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R.T. Fitch: Straight From The Horse’s Heart ≈≈ goes to D.C. TOMORROW! (09/12 by Marti Oakley) | Blog Talk Radio

R.T. Fitch: Straight From The Horse’s Heart goes to D.C. 09/12 by Marti Oakley | Blog Talk Radio.

    Marti, “R.T. – √this* is Our BiggeSt AUDIENCE –eVer!! ” ;D

    [Intro ° ]
    President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, R.T. Fitch, will be joining us on the eve of his trip to D.C.
    to deliver over 12,000 (15,000 & counting) letters, as of this writing,
    ~~>> to President Obama asking him to declare “a Moratorium on the Rapid & Unnecessary cruel RoundUps” of Our (supposedly) “federally ProtectedWild Horse HERDS.image

    ((YaY ∞~Go, R.T. & Marti ~∞!!
    -and- T*H*A*N*K ♥ YOU!)) … from … All≈the≈Wild≈HORSES.


…… Listen!

finally!? SOME0NE LISTENING!–we thought? [(uh)..was/is Anybody LISTENING??…(apparently ~Not?!?]

finally!! SOMEONE is LISTENING! [(uh)was/is Anybody LISTENING??…
Well, we ~kinda thought~ so…..(apparently ~Not?!?]
I said, “This Out-of-Control ROGUE Government AGENCY …WILL -Be forced to FOLLOW the LAW!!”!!…. {or, so we Believed … ?
& ~now- what? }

¤~¤ …??? & now?… √ out* 4/1/2012!!
≈BLM (a bureau to “Protect ” your Public resources, including Our *wild horses*) ~ new ~whine (against Sup Ct decision!) FOR? “right 2 Hide what gov’t Agencies DO” from U.S. Public!
BLM files “Motion 4 REconsideration” in 9th Circuit RULING”!? “2 challenge” (rightful Supreme Ct Ruled)
Access to Wild Horses + Info re: care of animals.
BLM’s ~new Motion
[= 2 *Hide what Your gov’t Does!] … “addresses *Win of Press Freedom* granted by Court!? on Feb 14 in “Access case” brought by *Laura Leigh, journalist*/founder Wild Horse Edu.”

–» After “9th Cir Court *granted Leigh’s Appeal, Recognized roundups will occur, (as matter of course); when BLM argued “moot” b/c” (that 1) “roundup ended.” —» &
“the 9th Circuit” DISAGREED: it “*ruled* a win for Journalists (Free Press), & Public to :
«gain ¤ meaningful access ¤ to the actions» of Their government” **!!
–»but ?now… BLM ~whines AGAIN –(Against Supreme Ct ¤Wisdom¤).
«–» 4 a gov’t “Rogue Agency” ~should? afterall- have
~Right 2 *Hide what your gov’t really Does!???
& [..uh.. ¤ was ~that «an Order», sir?? ..uh..U meant ?us?]

««––was/Is ¤ ~anybody Listening?!» …(not even to Supreme Court)?? Really? read:

& guess My ~idiot citizen brain -just “dudn’t Get it” ?? [HOW does this ~Work, again?]…?? ?%÷[

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