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Mato ska (Mica) outraces mom Feldspar
{photo by CloudFoundation}……...supposed t/b WITH TWEET ABT. WILD HORSES!!!! !!!!!!
And• ;;;;» R.T. Fitch inTerView• !


R.T. Fitch, horse ~whispering~ with best friends! inspiring HERO of our time!

R.T. Fitch, horse ~whispering~ with best friends! = an inspiring HERO of our time! & a ¤ friend¤ ..writes “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” Blog + wondrous Book, of same name…& president/founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) = an extraordinary Warrior of passion! with intellect, satire, + guts… ;D

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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