Irony/(was that an Order, sir?)/ ok, but Not »here, nor »here, & particularly Not~ in Utah! [how does this Work, again?] ~Message of oloriondolinde

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@oloriondolinde: But (just) Not in UTAH?.. nor IOWA….?..
As “Witnesses -in Congress- called FOR Increased Public participation, … & Transparency”?
“in fed Land-mgmt *decision-making* Process” ??
?!(how ~dare they?)
what the h*@$l IS ≈this?? ≈feel-good Propaganda ≈direct from House Natural Resources, mind U!
(a.k.a. *bold-faced LIES??!) ± “this vital resource needs to be managed for the Benefit of All users; & *I strongly believe* that there is PLENTY of It to go around,” said Chairman Bishop (UT-01). €’8^[

Irony ? /or/
{O! was that an Order, sir?. . .I mean, about the Supreme Ct protecting FREEDOM-of-the-PRESS… & all that ~Constitutional jazz~? ? ? } Fed Ct of Appeals WIN ~
/ …uh…
~ ok,-but Not »here, nor »here, & particularly Not~ in Utah! …?
»»the Utah GAG Law««
–»The Cloud Foundation shared:
¤~¤ “New Legislation introduced in Utah
would make it
*ILLEGAL to Film* animal Abuse”!! ?
illegal to film abuse?

_________keep going:

¤ [now, how does this Work, again?]
= A wondering Message of  Olóriondolindë: Hmmm…wonder IF U can ~still ~Report? Child Abuse?. .& what if it’s on a ~Farm ? …
¤~¤ so…
√√this out!:
Muckraking (Literally): Should It Be Illegal to FILM *Animal Abuse*?
~the Atlantic~ Muckraking, should it be Illegal?
¤~¤ a.k.a. Ag-Gag-laws :
[quote excerpt]
“Last week, IOWA became 1st state (in Am.) to make it a Crime to *lie to get onto a farm TO record images* of animal Abuse. UTAH…Gov. is poised to sign legislation…to Go even further *shielding Animal Treatment* from Public view. UT’s statute would BAN photography of livestock (w/o owner permission) –a misdemeanor *punishable by Fine ± 1 yr prison.
*This new iteration of laws, a.k.a. “agricultural interference” statutes, -base upon legal concept— private enterprise has ~right to conduct~ business mostly in private–» based upon political premiselivestock industry warrants special protections (that ordinary criminal law does not afford it)”;
like general trespass/nuisance/fraud laws of IO & UT…
•“1st Amendment Interest–»likely won’t be long b4 someone is arrested/charged with these new state crimes”…thus, not “long b4 lawsuit attacking their Validity”…
Ken Paulson, of 1st Amendment Center, said that “ag gag” bills …likely Will face “significant 1st Amendment challenge.” & wrote:
News-gathering is protected by 1st Amendment, & that applies even if the gatherer is an advocacy org.
Any attempt to keep people from exercising their freedom of Speech or Press by preventing them from collecting information is going to be constitutionally suspect. It’s particularly troubling in cases where the government is trying to use its power to prevent the Public from documenting what many believe = *cruel treatment* of animals. 
• Utah/Iowa will likely have to do more to legally justify restrictions on free speech. e.g., if all the “perpetrator” is doing = taking photos, then where is “interference” w/ “agricultural” business? Doesn’t “interference” come only afterwards, + only if what images show are so disturbing as to force farms into changing practices (or lose business)? & if so, wouldn’t 1st Amendment protect gathering of such images?”
• “It’s absurd–idea that Iowa & Utah Farmers = a persecuted group needing special protection in laws designed to chill the flow of info abt matters of public health.”

Suzanne Roy, of AWHPC says, “This is abt hiding the truth of conditions at animal agricultural operations from the public. @horse slaughter summit in Las Vegas, ranchers bemoaned urbanization of America & that people have lost touch with where their food comes from. Now they try to crack down on photographic & video evidence that shows the Public exactly where their food comes from.”
…“–half-dozen other states are thinking about new “ag-gag” laws–
Every journalist, every advocate, every person who believes in the idea that “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” every advocate of *transparency*, & even every person who cares about what they eat ought to be concerned by these laws…
Put another way: If these industries need this much special protection from collection of truthful images, then
it’s awful to imagine what’s happening to some animals who live in places the cameras have not yet found.”


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