June 23 2015. Report from the Mountain ~ almost as IF i am There!

June 2015. Report from the Mountain .
I’m so enjoying these brief frequent in-the-moment updates! Feels almost as IF I was there 🙂


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Mato ska (Mica) outraces mom Feldspar
{photo by CloudFoundation}……...supposed t/b WITH TWEET ABT. WILD HORSES!!!! !!!!!!
And• ;;;;» R.T. Fitch inTerView• !

2012-12 M___ *foal {Brumby 2001-28 x Jackson 1998-23} b. 05/18/12 [found by BC-NRA]

*foal 2012-12 (Brumby '01 x Jackson '98) b. 05/18/12 [by BC-NRA]

*foal 2012-12 (Brumby ’01 x Jackson ’98) b. 05/18/12 [by BC-NRA]

Foal #12-2012 of Brumby ‘2001-28 x Jackson ‘1998-23
l(found 5/18/2012, by BC-NRA staff)!

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

Kaycee- 2010-23, coming 2YO daughter of Jackson & Brumby. Dun color w/ primitive stripes=Spanish ancestry — from “#Wildhorse Daily”

via #Wildhorse Daily: Kaycee- coming 2YO daughter of Jackson & Brumby. Dun color w/ primitive stripes=Spanish ancestry.

#Wildhorse Daily: Kaycee- coming 2YO daughter of Jackson &amp... on Twitpic
Note: Kaycee is “tier #1”, & of higher priority (than any sibling) —for Iminent REMOVALoff her ‘legally protected’ wild Range *~Home~* A.S.A.P. …during summer 2012!
—√ looks like She’ll be (forceably) joining: the depravity of ~humanity …. {I *wish her Well* as possible… } ∞~sigh~∞

Inniq ‘2008-30 *exquisite -4 yo colt of Cecelia ‘2002-24 x Sitting Bull ‘1996-09 !


Inniq! 4 yo colt {Cecelia x Sitting Bull} in May 2012, tCF

Cloud’s facebook page, entry 5/18/12: about INNIQ

∞~ Inniq ‘2008-30 *exquisite -4 yo colt ~∞ of Cecelia ‘2002-24 x Sitting Bull ‘1996-09 ! √born 09/07/2008 … & released* with his Family, from 2009 BLM stampede /roundup! …
(although his Sister, “the *miracle Christmas filly” born December! 16, 2006≈ {& still survived…?} … was Stripped from her Home) — her name is *Gabrielle /or/ Giselle – # 2006-30 dh

∞~some said, Inniq was marked with an Ice-cream dipper (& ‘called him that, too 🙂 -but Many now claim : he’s marked by the Comet! (or) a Falling star – on his forehead ~∞

Foal #2012-13 of July/”jolt” ’09 x Duke? ’96 (found 05/19/2012, by BCNRA)!



blaze foal #13-2012 {July '09 x Duke?} 05/19/12

blaze foal #13-2012 {July ’09 x Duke ?} 05/19/12

Shawn Ivie -feed- “new 2012 Foals”* on PryorWild Mt. Wild Horse Range!

Thank you for ∞~ sharing~∞ via Shawn Ivie, a.k.a. “wyoman “!!!! ;D


Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!

Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!
≈roan daughter of Sitka 1989-2006 X Cloud 1995-13
{ & She’s their 0nly remaining offspring, too 😦 }

Chance = Tecumseh, then (1998) & now (2012)

¤ “Chance” ¤ – ¤ Tecumseh ¤ (#9804-bt) then & now (4/2012).
Born in 1998 to the mare *War Bonnet* (9311-sy), =» he carries the *characteristic Blaze* of father, *Flash* (1979-2006) !
[photos from “wildhorse daily” the Cloud Foundation ].
–»[correction!: prev. “theory” of {“Lucy” 87-01 x Looking Glass 87-09} !! ]
& ~this = How~ he is “1/2-brother of Ginger’s Absarokee TRACE”, born 1996 of War Bonnet -93 x *Two Boots -89 🙂
–» + why she was back with *Flash that year of the 1997 RoundUp, when *Trace was taken ! –» “Chance” / Tecumseh was born the Following year! 😉
~~cool! (I ~wonder, how Long~ she Stayed w/ Flash ?? – & then, WHO was *mom of *Medicine Bow*, born 1999 … “that Died before he was weaned, due to Injury sustained during a RoundUp” ?????) ”:^?

¤~¤ also see: “the changing Roan coat of *Tecumseh*, winter 2011 – summer 2012” by Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area !
¤~¤ & see: “Chance is beautiful 1/2-bro. of Trace”

[orig photo ID].

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

¤Jalisco¤ ~3 yr-son, Durango & late Buffalo Girl, w/his brother’s band 03/2012

#Wildhorse Daily:
Jalisco -(2009), coming 3 yr-old son of Durango-95 x the late Buffalo Girl-98 was w/ his brother‘s band in March 2012

via the Cloud Foundation
#Wildhorse Daily: Jalisco- coming 3 yr-old son of Durango &am... on Twitpic

  • http://twitpic.com/8wawyo#.T3GfSyjyPoQ.wordpress
  • {{wait! so, IS that = Blizzard-01??, or Tecumseh-99?? }}?”:{
    –» no “;D it’s his brother = Hidalgo!

    grand ole Bigfoot! = the Biggest HEART ~on Pryor Mtn! *a Life, well-Lived »in Dignified ¤ FREEDOM ¤ {we Miss U, big Guy <÷} … Namárië !


    :”{ RIP ∞ … big guy! …(I guess that You are *gone, now?? –>Matt said, “Jared SAW U, by plane…abt Mar-Apr 2011, or so… but, they could not Get to your ~secret vale~ ” ∞)
    & no 0ne has Said…anything ≈more…?? So, I /we will surely
    MISS… “the Big Chocolate-silk Guy, with the Biggest ∞ HEART
    -» on Pryor Mtn”!
    {>>at least, you can RUN LIKE the WIND …now – with N0 more ~aching * knees!? }

    «and grand old Bigfoot’s LIFE ~surely Was a Miracle~ & well-Lived, in *Dignified ¤ FREEDOM*!» …..» Namárië ! farewell 😦 ….

    Two Boots-89 *8814bt in July 2011, fat & healthy!

    Two Boots-89 in July 2011, fat & healthy!

    Two Boots-89 in July 2011, fat & healthy!

    Two Boots! #8814bt b.1989
    Sandy: “I took this in July. I have not see him since… He was with some of the young bachelors.
    [Upload by sandyelmore1 on Oct 20, 2011
    ©All rights reserved
    This photo is public.]
    cssssswv says:
    “He looks quite Fat & healthy here! –hope He’s still OK?!?”
    [Post 4 wks ago. ~2/9/12]
    Siinak says:
    I think I saw him a *few weeks ago* with a
    *few bachelors dogging a *grulla mare
    . I couldn’t get super close fast enough 2 know 4 sure..”
    [Post 3 wks ago.~2/17/12]
    sandyelmore1 says:
    “What were markings on the Grulla mare? Where did u see him? Did u take any photos?”
    [Post 3 wks ago.]
    Siinak says:
    “She was
    *grey grulla with heavy stripes on the leg & very muddy. I have picture but not clearest or close shots. He was with a
    *dark brown/black horse & *super dark bay w/a semi star. They were grazing together, but don’t think actually banding together. They were just off Sykes Ridge road, after u go down the switchbacks on the right. I ran into abt 20 or so horses in that area
    (I come from *Lovell)
    [Post 3 wks ago]
    sandyelmore1 says:
    “thanks! Could u post them anyway?” [3 wks ago]
    Siinak says:
    “sure..I will when I get home. at work at the moment.”
    [Post 3 weeks ago ~from 3/10/2012]
    *Two Boots is solid black, 2 hind socks, R-blk M/pst T.
    •(past) Mares: Rosebud-91, Broken Bow-93, Polaris-97 (in 02); with Colts: “Bonanza” 2102bt, “Backward Moon” 2104bt, “Coffee” 2227.
    Broken Bow (in 03-05); with filly: Demure 2313bt, + “Bonanza”, +“Broken-lion” 2506.
    • (2007) = bachelor.
    • (2009) Sequoyah 9914, with colt: “Jinx”~2917 +her filly Honeysuckle 2722; Gold Rush 2609, with filly: Juneau~2933.
    (2011) = bachelor.

    post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

    It’s grand old BIGFOOT!! on April 24, 2010 (by S. Ivie) …& Liesl looks just like him! *RiP, big guy :(

    grand old Bigfoot! -86 on 4-24-2010 [si]

    grand old Bigfoot! -86 on 4-24-2010 [si]

    & here is *Liesl*image

    custer’s band |Fiasco /Felicity, newborn Leo (8/9/11), Kaibab (acting shy), Custer (Shawn Ivie) Flickr – Photo Sharing!

    She said, “Winnemucca was there too, but this was better shot of the Band ”

    Dove -2003 shows her “Raven pink snip” on 8/11/11 (Shawn Ivie)


    2-year old Adelina/ Judith, lovely granddaughter of Blue Sioux X Red Raven (photo 8/24/11 by m-s, post tCF 2/15/12)



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