Kicking-Up mY heels *weeKend! {WØW}

*a PROUD ~mommy~ ! KicKing-UP my heels* this WeekEnd + Monday ! …(05/18-05/20, 2013) “;{)

    Nat. Geo. asked: “IF you could BE – any North American WILD animal??” – Tweet –
    (( I would wanna BE: ¤ wild & Free mare, Mariah ¤ on Pryor Mountain WILD HORSE RanGe !! ))

|| Thank you*, Cloud Foundation, for my “borrowing” of YOUR photo’s *SentiMent* ! {I dunno of ANY other 1 ~ that could Answer “Nat. Geo’s Question”!? } ||


«today» Why would *I ~Expect*…”a follow-up”?/a comment?/Any response?… (when All i am= totally Worth-LESS)•\|/÷{

«today» notification Feb 22, 2012 13:07 Wed: ¤k~s¤ Read? Follow Up: to Jan 27, Fri- Jim&me (Yay! 😀 way cool :* description…)

Follow-up request [auto-sent]: 2/10/2012 5:02 PM, 13 days ago–
(abt “our Conversation” on Jan 27; now 27 days prior!)
was *read? by }:€ ¤k~s¤ on 2/22/2012 1:07 PM
—» so…Why, 4 pete’s sake, would *I ever ~Expect*…”a follow-up”?/a comment?/or/Any response?…..even re: ± a Promise-made««
….TO a “seemingly true
~interest”/dialogue~ (i.e. Yay! 😀 way cool :* we said…)
__NOR to Any Other thing? since____
{when All I -say, or think– is totally #Worth-LESS ?!?}
•\|/÷{ »all Yours,
from: ~Olóriondolindë, the loser~

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


Never forget that LIFE is a Miracle ! ….MY new blog site

Never forget that LIFE is a Miracle ! ….MY improved blog site

Thursday, July 07, 2011 4:53 AM


You may visit ME there, if You like :


MY Blog

Nai fëalya oio Nóro i-Súlenenimíca i-Rávar Olompor tárevaldë, dúnello!


May your Spirit
ever Run with the Windalong with the majestic WILD HORSES of the West [U.S.] !

~It IS our Job to ensure

~the Wild Horses will Always

Never forget that:

is a Miracle !


+ (ALL
Life exists not Only for humans….)

only Hope is to
the Respect–&
the art of

Living at Harmony–with Life-giving NATURE
of this World…

we do not
ownit; we must nurture it, as Nature nurtures Us, in return!

we are truly doomed
:{ ]

Otherwise……………See Ya around, folks ……………

lovely Velvet, Echo, & Jewel ...running Free ! ---on Pryor Mtn.  [photo: Pam Nickoles photography]

lovely Velvet, Echo, & Jewel …running Free ! —on Pryor Mtn. [photo: Pam Nickoles photography]

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