yet aNOther VooDoo “NoN-sensical” low-tecH day?

& ALL this while,
~we thoUGHt~ these “strUGgling” American companies…..wanted to:
\ uh uh /make $$ & KEEP customers” ???

    but~~» APParentLY ~n0t~ ! `;[

surely, surely – there is S0me0ne /\ s0meWhere
wh0 CAN FIGURE-0uT s0meWay? ~ for the Oldest “smartphone” maker +AND+ the Oldest “flash Video” encoders ~ to PLAY (niceLy) together?!
{plUS} PROvide actual sSserViceSss….4 us, THE ~Ƈustomers~???

    can ya Hear the *future* 0r the -paSt- callin’ to ya??,
    BlackBerry & Adobe FLASHplayer?

Just saYin’ ….
N0 video , N0 aCCess , N0 news , N0Nsense
= N0 repeat Purchase$ (either) …..

    Ŀ♡√Ɛ, from “Sick’n’Tired of paying 4 a STUPID~’smart’phone”!

(((((O, yeah — & “buy-American”…)))))


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