See & #Experience! YOUR #free-roaming #wildHorses …that OUR #Gov’t is trying so *Hard 2 #Exterminate !! (is that what U want?) read: “Winter in Pryor Mtn wild Horse herd”
“The Pryor herd has become trusting also, ~ viewing us Humans as innocent, respectful bystanders— who do not interfere at all in their natural lives.
It is a sacred Trust that is *so quickly broken*
WHEN they are Stampeded off their mountain, or Trapped in bait-laced corrals; When they are Separated from their Families, & Robbed of the thing they cherish most–“their Freedom”!
1/2 the young Horses of the Pryors face “this Fate” in 2012!, including Cloud’s look-alike grandson, Echo.”

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~



Breaking News: BLM Issues Report on Inhumane Wild Horse Roundup Allegations

Pure in-your-face Deceit by Exec-branch Rogue AGENCY truly IS *Incredible, *Out-of-Control,, *dispairing, and *SCARY!! for us All!
IF a Federal Court *Judge, *Congressional Demands, & *official Report from Appointed “Experts” cannot Reign in- rogue Gov’t Agency??–> you’d better Believe that
it’s not Only legally-‘protected’ horses, burros, & range-lands that are IN TROUBLE now!!
It IS also You! & Me! & every “Right” you Think you have—that are in grave jeopardy., too !!

Breaking News: BLM Issues Report on Inhumane Wild Horse Roundup Allegations.

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