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Mato ska (Mica) outraces mom Feldspar
{photo by CloudFoundation}……...supposed t/b WITH TWEET ABT. WILD HORSES!!!! !!!!!!
And• ;;;;» R.T. Fitch inTerView• !


twitpics LOST EVERY 1 of 16-17 tweets on Twitter during Radio interview!!!!!!!!

Twitpic – Share photos and videos on Twitter.

(((From tweets I {°thot I} posted……during R.T.Fitch interview… with Marti Oakley TruthSquad radio 8-10 p.m. on 9/13))))
grrrrrr!!!!!!!!! NOT 1 OF MY WORDS ‡posted‡--0NLY THE PICS????????????????

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Speaking to my heart, {{RE-Look?!}}–through the bars-(at Indian Lakes) –Cat Kindsfather on Flickr

*~WoW! You’ve Gotta go SEE : *~these Incredible, Soulful EYES~* !!!
...(((please L00k★???))
{H O W ?*? Could Any0ne• (even BLM?!) ever Harm |or| Imprison’! — this *~fabulous Be♥ing~*??? }

“Speaking to my Heart by artattackcat” ~ Cat Kindsfather (↑)
“Little beauty makes eye contact with me through the Bars on 4/28/2012 😦 . . .
BLM please,
manage our wild horses in the wild where they belong!
No More Roundups! Wish I had a sanctuary”. 😦


“I got interviewed on this tour by Channel Four News.!”

…..(watch!?) –> -at-the-Indian-La… -at-the-Indian-La…


Hmmm...& the Reporter states, “this *short?-term ‘facility’ ” —where “(at least) Several of HORSEs” (of those ~few--She saw –{out of a mere 2,700} “have been Here for 2 YEARS, or ~more”..L. [[[≈ssshhhort-??-term Prison]]
+ gives a *lovely description & LONG panning shot of
“warehoused Horses -AsFarAs the Eye can See”!!
grrrr!! U won’t Believe the *scope of this, until U WATCH the *video!!

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