American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: Solutions: Ecotourism ** Mar 22, 2012 (saved pg)

–> yes,  ~dear BLM, there Exist : real people … having real √solutions!  ∞
Ecotourism: *Viewing wild Horses & Burros in their *natural state

Ecotourism:  By *State* [link: ]
As 1 of our British supporters remarked: “1 day I’d like to come visit & *see Mustangs running wild* where they’re meant to.”
America’s wild Horses are *universally recognized* & cherished as American *icons. [link ]
Yet, our wild Herds are a mostly-untapped* ecotourism resource*. [link ]

Horse lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, as well as those with an interest in history of the Old West, should be given the opportunity to
*enjoy wild Horse excursions* year-round.
In addition to non-intrusive observation of wild Horse behavior & Herd dynamics, “in-the-wild management” itself could become part of a unique experience for visitors to (HMAs) *Herd Management Areas.
In this manner, the American wild Horse could establish itself as an economic resource ON the Western Range & better its chances of *long-term survival.

Today, wild Horses & Burros can be found primarily on government-designated Herd Management Areas in *Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming*, but also in *Maryland, North Carolina, Hawaii, + even in the Bahamas*.

While *Eastern states* have embraced their wild Herds as an *economic resource, –in the West, whose *spirit its wild Herds truly embody,
the Bureau of Land Management has *failed to acknowledge the wild Horse as having ~any Value on the Range.
So, when U opt to spend your summer vacation trekking to western states to view wild Horses in their *natural habitat, u support the *Horses’ value on Public Lands.

•We have compiled a state-by-state *list of Resources for those interested in *observing wild Horses in their natural environment. With a bit of luck, U will be able to witness Horses in their truly *natural state, travelling in small Bands made up of a Stallion + his harem of Mares, or
in Bachelor-bands of young stallions.
•Please be *respectful of Horses as u view them & always *remember that these are *wild animals.
•Stay on marked roadways, avoid water holes & leave all gates as u find them.
•Remember, it is
*illegal to Chase, Harass, or Harm wild Horses or Burros, or to let your *dogs chase them.
This is particularly impt *during foaling* season.
•Be sure to bring pair of binoculars & telephoto lens 4 camera so u don’t disturb the animals by getting too close.

Please keep in mind that most of these are remote, untouched areas.
*Prior to setting out on a wild Horse *viewing trip, make sure to contact local BLM field office 4 current *updates on *Herd movements, fire restrictions, road conditions, maps, + other pertinent information.

Click here 2 *learn abt each *state’s wild Horse & burro viewing. [link]

Reproduction authorized solely 4 “educational purposes”, provided “credited as *source”

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the misleading BS being Spewed by SUE WALLIS & greedy horse-eaters !

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