speaking of ¤TRANSPARENCY¤….

~on~ Brandeis & The History Of Transparency -from the Sunlight Foundation
–» an article by their 2009 intern, Andrew Berger:
¤~¤ excerpt ¤~¤
“Louis Brandeis made his famous statement that

“sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”
in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.”
But it was an image that had been in his mind for decades… 20 years earlier, in a letter to his fiancé, Brandeis had expressed an interest in writing “a sort of companion piece” to his influential article on “The Right to Privacy,”
~this time he would focus on “The Duty of Publicity.”
He had been thinking, he wrote,
“about the *wickedness of people shielding* wrongdoers
& passing them off

(or at least allowing them to pass themselves off)
as Honest men.

He then proposed a remedy:

“If the broad light of day could be let in upon men’s actions, it would purify them as the sun disinfects.”

Interestingly, at that time the word “publicity” referred both to something like what we think of as “public relations”, as well to
the practice of *making information widely available to the public* ….
(Stoker & Rawlins, 2005).

* That latter definition sounds a lot like what we now mean by
¤ Transparency ¤ ”
[continue reading here]–»
the History of Transparency

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov't really DOES~

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov’t really DOES~

*Win of Press Freedom* granted by Court!? on Feb 14 in “Access case” brought by *Laura Leigh, journalist*/founder Wild Horse Edu.”

–» After “9th Cir Court *granted Leigh’s Appeal;
they Recognized roundups will occur, (as matter of course); when BLM argued “moot” b/c” (that 1) “roundup ended. —» &
the 9th Circuit” DISAGREED: it *ruled* “a win for Journalists (Free Press), & Public to 😀

«gain ¤ meaningful access ¤ to the actions» of Their government” **!!
–»but ?now… BLM (a bureau to Protect our Public resources, including Our *wild horses*) ~ ~whines AGAIN(Against Supreme Ct ¤Wisdom¤)
«–» that a gov’t “Rogue Agency” ~should? afterall- have
~Right 2 *Hide what your gov’t really Does!???

& [..uh.. ¤ was ~that «an Order», sir?? ..uh..U meant ?us?]
«–was/Is ¤ anybody Listening?!» …(not even to Supreme Court)?? Really? read: http://artandhorseslauraleigh.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/the-fight-for-access-continues/

& guess My ~idiot citizen brain -just “dudn’t Get it” ?? [HOW does this ~Work, again?]…?? ?%÷[


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