June 23 2015. Report from the Mountain ~ almost as IF i am There!

June 2015. Report from the Mountain .
I’m so enjoying these brief frequent in-the-moment updates! Feels almost as IF I was there 🙂


What a *Blessing! ♥RUNNING SAGE♥ (& Cat Kindsfather!) –REUNITED!!! 05/29/12 (Flickr!)

≈≈RUNNING SAGE≈≈ (Cat Kindsfather, flickr)

Remember me? ♥ I am going to be ≈≈with my brothers on a wonderful ranch ≈≈ with an √awesome family,
after months in a tiny pen looking out at my family running free. …..
by artattackcat ~ Cat Kindsfather (↑) RUNNING SAGE ❤

I was <||3 heartbroken when BLM removed him from his wild home.

Then he was adopted before I could get him & has spent several months ÷÷÷in a tiny pen all alone,÷÷÷ looking out at his family band running free & wild.……

I finally met the adopter some months ago & told her, ♥ I would always be there for him,
if she ever had problems or wanted to sell him after she got title…..

She called me a few days ago. Due to personal issues, she cannot care for him properly at this time & asked if I could still get him to the ranch ★with his 3 brothers.★ I spoke to the loving advocate family at the ranch &
they have all agreed whole heartedly that ♥Running Sage♥ should be able come home to the ranch & be *~reunited with his family band brothers!~* I am elated!!! At the adopters request, he will be loved & cared for there, as ≈≈ best I could ever wish for!≈≈≈

Remember me? I am going to be with my brothers!! (↑)


9163—- View more info about this photo…{taken ~5/4/2012}
artattackcat. Cat Kindsfather ♦ said:
I can hardly wait to –♪hear the whinnies& see their excitement ♠at being reunited on this 40 acre ranch! Beautiful people ♥-wild horse & burro advocates who ★adore all animals and give total ★love and ★care for them on the ranch.

What a -♥ blessing, ♦Running Sage♦ will join them in a few weeks or less. ; ) I am ♥elated!
(Posted 6 weeks ago)

Roger C Green Photography said: Nice happy ending . Thanks for sharing. (Posted 6 weeks ago.)

n.j.coomber said: This is wonderful news,♥Running Sage ♥ is a ♪magical name♪. (Posted 6 weeks ago.)

pepstar27 said: Oh my gracious! THIS is cause for great celebration! ! I’m right with you, Cat, and feel your heartbreak and, NOW, elation at this darling lil’ guy being reunited with his family and set free! Which just goes to show: NEVER GIVE UP! ! !

CjWoof said: this is awesome bless you Kat! (Posted 6 weeks ago.)

moodyfan said: What a ♥ blessing & such incredible news!! This is indeed ★cause for celebration★ and I am so happy for you AND him, Cat!!! This just made my day!! :-))) (Posted 6 weeks ago.)

artattackcat ~ Cat Kindsfather♦ said:

*Thank you *everyone for your kind comments.
He is such a ≈≈beautiful boy≈≈ & I am feeling so great that ≈≈he will be ♥blessed in this way! xox

(Posted 6 weeks ago.)

sole.r said: what a wonderful story! i am very happy for him!
(Posted 6 weeks ago.)

artattackcat ~ Cat Kindsfather♦ said: I adoptedRunning Sageyesterday!!! …….His original adopter is ill & cannot work with him. I had notified BLM to please put me on standby for adopter if it fell through & I also had met the adopter months ago, with the same request.★ She called me last week★ & relinquished her adoption yesterday, at which time I simultaneously ♥adopted him, finally!

During the morning yesterday, I was AT the Carson City BLM office ★to deliver several comments from the public★ on behalf of “Protect Mustangs “- a Berkley based preservation group – regarding–√√ motorized vehicle use in roundups. Attached is the ♠News Four video.♠—–//05/29///

http://www.mynews4.com/news/story/Wild-horse-ad vocates-say-the-B… (Posted 5 weeks ago.)—>{{{{see previous post}}}

artattackcat ~ Cat Kindsfather said: ★Many thanks to the♥ Gulley Tribe, a beautiful advocate family who will accept him into their family of horses where•♦ 3 of his natural brothers are now loving their lives again.
( Posted 5 weeks ago.)

cssssswv said:

So, so Exciting! & Magical! & Spiritual!
&….(dare I say it?)....★eXtra HUMANE 😀
What a wonderful Blessing~~YOU ♥Are~~ for this *this Entire Horse FAMILY
((& I Thank you + the tribe for it))… would Love to have SEEN:
the *S*p*a*r*k —return to those Eyes, again.
^\♦π♦°/^ …when He saw his brothers…& those W i d e ♣ O p e n fields!!

~Freedom to Run~ is a Wonderous gift! “Wild 3 Run”

image “Three Run” => is 3 wild Mares in Adobe Town Herd, chased by their band… {by Carol Walker}

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

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