FDA Alert! RECALL 4 health risks! “Koff & Kold spray with Herbal-extract” & “Kold-Sore spray with liquid Sea-Mineral” by Wholistic Herbs. 2 Sprays for Eyes, Nose, Throat, Lips, Genitals =NOT sterile, Do Not Use!

  • Feb 10, 2012 News› FDA Alert!

    “Wholistic Herbs Inc” of Dallas, TX is
    *Recalling ALL quantities of 2 Spray products, distributed Mar 2009–present* Feb 2012:
    “Koff & Kold” and “Kold Sore”
    1 fl. oz. sprays
    –Because Of Possible Health Risks!
    RECALL- Non-Sterile Products!
    To: Consumers
    ISSUE: “Wholistic Herbs Inc.” notifies public it is recalling ALL quantities of “Koff & Kold” spray with ‘herbal extract’ &
    “Kold Sore” spray with ‘liquid sea mineral’.
    Both are packaged in white plastic 1 fluid oz spray bottles which contain a Product Insert inside of clear plastic lid; insert provides usage instructions to customers. Products had a “USE BY” date on bottom of bottle. •ALL use-by DATES are being recalled.

    •”KOFF & KOLD” Spray with ‘HERBAL-EXTRACT’ is intended 2 be Sprayed into
    *Nose & Throat*
    4 treatment of Colds, Flu, Cough, stuffy Nose, + Sinus Infection.

    •”KOLD SORE” Spray with “Liquid SEA MINERAL” is intended 2 be Sprayed Into
    4 treatment of Dry-eye & Pink Eye.
    Product also intended 2 be Sprayed into
    4 Sinus Allergy by pollen; & onto
    *Lips + Genitals*
    4 treatment of Fever Blisters, Shingles, Herpes simplex.
    • These products are NOT tested properly to assure their safety. Products intended for use IN the Eye that are NON-sterile have potential 2 cause
    *Eye Infections, which m/b Sight-threatening.
    + Nasal solutions, if not sterile could lead 2
    *Respiratory Infection.
    RECALL= result of routine FDA inspection which id’d several labeling issues.
    No “definite” Illnesses been reported to date.
    “Koff & Kold” & “Kold Sore” were distributed thru-out U.S.retail stores in TX, CA, WA, VA, NJ, NY, MD, IL, GA, NV, AZ, NC, SC, FL.
    Products also distributed in acupuncture Clinics & via firm Website http://www.naturalapothecary.com.
    These 2 spray products were distributed from Mar 2009–present* Feb 2012.
    RECOMMENDATION: Consumers who have purchased “Koff & Kold” or “Kold Sore” [@ Any date] are
    *Urged to Discontinue Use* of either product & Return it 2 Place of Purchase 4 full refund. Consumers w/questions may Contact: Ms. Sun Lee 214-691-3210 @ “Wholistic Herbs” company, Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm CST.
    [02/09/2012-Press Release]

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