June 23 2015. Report from the Mountain ~ almost as IF i am There!

June 2015. Report from the Mountain .
I’m so enjoying these brief frequent in-the-moment updates! Feels almost as IF I was there 🙂


Pococeno (1994), has 1 offspring On the Range + several grandkids!

#Wildhorse Daily: Pococeno- She has 1 living offspring, but a... on Twitpic

Wildhorse Daily: 50 114 days ago
* Pococeno- (1994-25 SY) She has 1 living offspring, but a few grandkids.
You may also know her as Bolder’s mom!

–therefore, her descendants via Bolder (2001-21) are: (as far as I know)
Juniper / “bolder’s Jewel” – 2009-14 {by Sapo/”Cedar” 9801}
Klamath /“Absarokee” – 2010-14 {“Cedar”/Sapo}
Lobo – 2011-06 {“Cedar”/Sapo}
•+ Sage”/ Iglesia 2008-10 stripped & sold in Sept 2009 RU 😦 {by “Cedar”/Sapo}
Kiva /Kicks Alot” – 2010-11 {by Fool’s Gold /”Autumn” 2534}
Killian /Echo2010-03 {by Celt /”Cascade” 2207}
•?*? Lenape – 2011-15? {by Hatalii /”Honey” 27___?} [not sure of sire]

•AND – my notes say, Pococeno had bay/dun, light-leg Filly, with small Snip, 2-tone black-top Mane, by SHAMAN ‘1985; born b4 05/22/2005. ..(& idk what happened to her??!

•PLUS Pococeno had a Blue Roan “yearling Son– of PLENTY COUPS during 2000! ………. I.e. (When P.C. broke front leg in 07/2000; “lost Mares by 08/2000”); & “only young Stallion Son was with him” on 08/15/2000.
..(& son was Taken in 2001 RU)….?
this may have been “Alas” or “Azul Solamente” …(IF born in spring 2000?)… OR possibly this Yearling moved to *Shaman band, with mom…?

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114 days ago.: can u tell me,
WHO r Pococeno parents?
Born 1994-
perhaps Pocatello?(Flash daughter) xthe Rev? what Band she is now with?

TCF answered, “not certain – but ‘maybe’
≈the Grulla Mare “Flin Flon” ??} & Tuscon
& now (√01/31/12), Pococeno is in *band of Prince* # 9321.
√so…ANYBODY HAVE some MORE INFORMATION –that can HELP Out here???

Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!

Damsel / Cloud Dancer ‘2003-26, in gorgeous Winter coat!
≈roan daughter of Sitka 1989-2006 X Cloud 1995-13
{ & She’s their 0nly remaining offspring, too 😦 }

See & #Experience! YOUR #free-roaming #wildHorses …that OUR #Gov’t is trying so *Hard 2 #Exterminate !! (is that what U want?) read: “Winter in Pryor Mtn wild Horse herd”

“The Pryor herd has become trusting also, ~ viewing us Humans as innocent, respectful bystanders— who do not interfere at all in their natural lives.
It is a sacred Trust that is *so quickly broken*
WHEN they are Stampeded off their mountain, or Trapped in bait-laced corrals; When they are Separated from their Families, & Robbed of the thing they cherish most–“their Freedom”!
1/2 the young Horses of the Pryors face “this Fate” in 2012!, including Cloud’s look-alike grandson, Echo.”

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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