seeing his enjoyment in taking your control…..

seeing his enjoyment in taking your control…..Mm.m……..


Are you able to burn those bridges and move on?

Burning bridges. 0r Ruminations ? obsessions (that’s _me_))

My Travels with Depression

This week’s writing class assignment is to randomly select a writing prompt from a book, Imageor something.  Then write for at least 5 minutes your response to the chosen words. 

At the beginning of our writing group, each member received a “Recovery College” writing pad.  On the top of each page, there is a quote.  The page I am onto now has this quote at the top. 

“May the Bridges I burn light the Way”

That quote will be my writing prompt.  .  This is my five minutes of rambling and hopefully I might learn how to burn some bridges.

ImageBurning bridges/letting go is evidently not my strong point.  I hang onto day-to-day disputes/mishaps and then obsessively ruminate over them for days, sometimes weeks.  I exhaust myself with the mental torture and I neglect my life by being caught up in so much internal drama.  

Is that part of…

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Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits

Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits.

the SUrrendering of America !WØW! speech of *Insight/Foresight* from 1958! [REblog from PPJG]

“The Piece Meal Surrender of AMERICA”: Robert Welch in 1958!

  1. WØW!!!! listen…
  2. GeeZ! Y!Kes ~ I was born in 1958..?.. £;-{)
  3. Y♡Ʊ’ĿĿ ĿĪҠƐ ŦĤĪS* ……
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[;;;;» . . . .““Mind blowing speech! by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders PLANS to destroy America!!?
–(this must be viewed on You Tube) (8:59 min)

(((“This is NOT about your political views, please listen until conclusion” . . . .))))


    “My fellow Americans, please take 3 minutes* of your time to VIEW
    this important video BY Mr. Robert Welch, a man of great* foresight*.

    It will truly Touch your  Heart.

    “Please pass along to your friends. Thank you for your help.”

This is posted on  watch “The Iron Mountain Report” . . .
Source, PPAG 011813

    & az aLwayz :
    ~¡~ηєνєя ƒσяGєт тнαт ℓ̓є–Χ α ¤~мιяα¢ℓє~¤~!

Speaking to my heart, {{RE-Look?!}}–through the bars-(at Indian Lakes) –Cat Kindsfather on Flickr

*~WoW! You’ve Gotta go SEE : *~these Incredible, Soulful EYES~* !!!
...(((please L00k★???))
{H O W ?*? Could Any0ne• (even BLM?!) ever Harm |or| Imprison’! — this *~fabulous Be♥ing~*??? }

“Speaking to my Heart by artattackcat” ~ Cat Kindsfather (↑)
“Little beauty makes eye contact with me through the Bars on 4/28/2012 😦 . . .
BLM please,
manage our wild horses in the wild where they belong!
No More Roundups! Wish I had a sanctuary”. 😦


“I got interviewed on this tour by Channel Four News.!”

…..(watch!?) –> -at-the-Indian-La… -at-the-Indian-La…


Hmmm...& the Reporter states, “this *short?-term ‘facility’ ” —where “(at least) Several of HORSEs” (of those ~few--She saw –{out of a mere 2,700} “have been Here for 2 YEARS, or ~more”..L. [[[≈ssshhhort-??-term Prison]]
+ gives a *lovely description & LONG panning shot of
“warehoused Horses -AsFarAs the Eye can See”!!
grrrr!! U won’t Believe the *scope of this, until U WATCH the *video!!

“Waiting for – the Other shoe to drop” ∞ √Rejection Sensitivity, Irrational Jealousy, and its Impact on Relationships

advice from:


∞ “Waiting for – the Other shoe to drop” ∞continuously
°÷{ (yep, that’s what *~he/they ≈always said, of Me≈… until : It DID!!) — yet, •|”÷¢
∞~i was N O T ~ P R E P A R E D ~ thus, –√i C R A S H E D, [*big-time! ]… & it’s fairly UNlikely that i-will-find a Way 0ut of the≈Shadow’s gloom~∞

—but: YOU Can …!!!…please, DO it –while there’s Time???

| Lantiën nú Huinë, uin polë et-túlienna, tenn’oio! (séyas…) |

speaking of ¤TRANSPARENCY¤….

~on~ Brandeis & The History Of Transparency -from the Sunlight Foundation
–» an article by their 2009 intern, Andrew Berger:
¤~¤ excerpt ¤~¤
“Louis Brandeis made his famous statement that

“sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”
in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.”
But it was an image that had been in his mind for decades… 20 years earlier, in a letter to his fiancé, Brandeis had expressed an interest in writing “a sort of companion piece” to his influential article on “The Right to Privacy,”
~this time he would focus on “The Duty of Publicity.”
He had been thinking, he wrote,
“about the *wickedness of people shielding* wrongdoers
& passing them off

(or at least allowing them to pass themselves off)
as Honest men.

He then proposed a remedy:

“If the broad light of day could be let in upon men’s actions, it would purify them as the sun disinfects.”

Interestingly, at that time the word “publicity” referred both to something like what we think of as “public relations”, as well to
the practice of *making information widely available to the public* ….
(Stoker & Rawlins, 2005).

* That latter definition sounds a lot like what we now mean by
¤ Transparency ¤ ”
[continue reading here]–»
the History of Transparency

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov't really DOES~

Laura Leigh, photojournalist Extraordinare! ~fights 4 Your right 2 Know what gov’t really DOES~

*Win of Press Freedom* granted by Court!? on Feb 14 in “Access case” brought by *Laura Leigh, journalist*/founder Wild Horse Edu.”

–» After “9th Cir Court *granted Leigh’s Appeal;
they Recognized roundups will occur, (as matter of course); when BLM argued “moot” b/c” (that 1) “roundup ended. —» &
the 9th Circuit” DISAGREED: it *ruled* “a win for Journalists (Free Press), & Public to 😀

«gain ¤ meaningful access ¤ to the actions» of Their government” **!!
–»but ?now… BLM (a bureau to Protect our Public resources, including Our *wild horses*) ~ ~whines AGAIN(Against Supreme Ct ¤Wisdom¤)
«–» that a gov’t “Rogue Agency” ~should? afterall- have
~Right 2 *Hide what your gov’t really Does!???

& [..uh.. ¤ was ~that «an Order», sir?? ..uh..U meant ?us?]
«–was/Is ¤ anybody Listening?!» …(not even to Supreme Court)?? Really? read:

& guess My ~idiot citizen brain -just “dudn’t Get it” ?? [HOW does this ~Work, again?]…?? ?%÷[

Omg! (~tweet) Graphic vid: starving horses, Dying LosLunas, NM investigation -some1 Needs 2 pay!?

@oloriondolinde :
Omg! Graphic vid #starving #horses -Dying! #LosLunas #NM investgtn some-1 2 pay!?… via @KOB4

{IS this ~still~ America ?? “:0 } ….warning: NOT 4 queasy stomachs! , nor “faint @heart” €;P

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

my LMAo tidbit ! {the amazing History? of “Cooking on Beer-CANs”} ;D))) occurred on: Saturday, Dec 03

» just a giggle..(IF U still Do that??)
–» {my LMAo tidbit} from: Saturday, December 03, 2011 15:42:25 PM.
To 🙂 my friends, & even my-Ex~ … 🙂 🙂
*{Did find this “amazing ~amusement” last eve tho’} :
~~? Do you know ?
“The History Channel”has a *reality* show
“Hairy Bikers” ?? ….
LMAo! :D)))
Current episode reads:
The Drunken Gator:
this week the Men (a.k.a. those “very Hairy Bikers”, presumably?)hunt Alligators in the Florida panhandle & then Cook them;
++ » an extra! = “How to Cook a whole chicken…ON …
(just) – 1 Beer can”
…… ««Howling on floor laughing !»»
& *I do not even Get that channel !
“;D … ~almost want 2 subscribe… For just this 1 show~
*sigh* ¤~¤ perhaps, –»I’m WAY Too easily ~amused~?? …LMAo, still «–

actually, was Mrs. Pickens who said, “why is it a ‘milestone’ to continue the same tired, flawed model”… | i apologize 4 misquoting your eloquent words, as some 1 else’s

Again, i apologize 4 misquoting Madeline Picken’s wise & eloquent words, as some 1 else’s, who had quoted her…. [so, here are Hers, in Total context (from Her Saving America’s Mustangs Blog-site)—»
“Dear Friends & Supporters,
SAM would like to express its appreciation
for the BLM’s selection of
a 4,000 acre ranch in Wyoming
to house some wild horses,
-but this proposal raises more questions than it answers.
   It continues along the outdated + inhumane path
the BLM has pursued for years; continuing to give wild Horses
to Private ranch operations that
*profit from them – withOut assurances of a real public benefit.

But, let’s look at some of the other aspects of this proposed plan. –»

BLM has suggested they can do necessary NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance work in about 3-6 months.
I have been waiting for over 2 years & have been told all along that NEPA compliance work on the proposal that I submitted –»
for an Eco-sanctuary in northern NV…
would take as long as 2 years,
if they ever start on it. ~
I can only presume that there is …
a special, unique “fast track” for a rancher where NEPA is concerned.

When I met with representatives of Elko County Commission to discuss my proposal for my ranch in northern NV,
I was told by the ranchers that taking only a 1,000 head Wouldn’t reallysave the government & taxpayers that much money-
and, therefore, wasn’t worth much.
Why then is a rancher taking 250 head “cause for celebration”?,
or is this just more double-talk?
• And, why is it a “milestone” to continue the same tired, flawed model, by which —-Horses are gathered in the wild, &
—turned over to ranchers who are *paid a stipend* by the BLM,
instead of
coming up with a humane plan which has a *return to the public*?
• The bottom line is this:
the BLM starts up the same tired program
& marches it out- as if
they are offering the Public & the wild horses
a new experience & direction (?)
— when the Reality
that — it is just more of the same
I wait futilely for years … while the BLM fiddles, instead of
deciding to participate in a truly revolutionary project
that would be ground-breaking
& change the paradigm;
different from business as usual, and
they … continue to putter on.
SAM certainly doesn’t want to criticize every small rancher that steps forward with a plan to take some horses.
• Unfortunately, the BLM has, since its inception, run the Wild Horse & Burro Programfor and
At– the direction of the ranchers. ¤~¤
We think the American *public is entitled to better*, is entitled to see— that
those with the right intentions & solid proposals are included in the process.
I thank you all for your continued support of Mustang Monument
and let’s all continue to *share the plight of the mustangs* in your local community.

Your Friend,
Madeleine Pickens & all the Mustangs
¤~¤  see –»
BLM chooses site for wild Horse Sanctuary
Feb. 24, 2012/ Associated Press
¤~¤ LARAMIE, Wyo. (WTW) – The Bureau of Land Management
has proposed using a private ranch in southeast Wyoming to house 250 wild Horses in a so-called eco-sanctuary.
• The agency said Friday that the facility would be publicly accessible,
in hopes of providing eco-tourism opportunities.
• The BLM expects to take 3 to 6 months
to conduct an environmental review of Deerwood Ranch, about 30 miles west of Laramie near Centennial,
to determine proposed ecosanctuary’s environmental viability.
• The selection is part of an effort to feed + care for wild horses removed from Western lands.
• With goal of controlling the “over-population” of herds,
BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro program gathers wild horses,
puts them up for adoption
& relocates them
in order to balance horse populations & land resources.”–
(C)2012 -Associated Press- 
»Read *BLM press release* announcing its designation of the 1st “eco-sanctuary” here.

BLM question-n-answer document is available here.

<a href=”“>

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt ””

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

Show us show us!!!! <3<3 I’m soooooo excited!

[my reply 19:30 to my sweet friends]

”:O wha…???. B-) WAY-CooLBeans!!!!! (y)
~ so,
Where’s the pic!?? Where’s the Certificate??
Show us show us!!!! <3<3
I'm soooooo excited!
{I/we wanna know ~everything,
ASAP; ^¤^ but.. just a couple PICS will “suffice”……4 now 😀 }
…. (yesthumb-up) !
will Forward 2 K&K&J&A (idk yet if U did) …..

—» ¤YaY¤..& “Hallelujah!
»1-‘he’made a legal ‘man’ of you”« ¤ — X 2 !!!! =))

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«for my 2 best-friends, NewlyWed! –» Hallelujah ! So it BE! ;D

¥ for my 2 best-friends, NewlyWed at 5pm! –» Hallelujah ! So it BE! ;D
{they are ¤ soooo In-Love !}…

….Whether or Not, “the Tea party” or “Santorum” or whosoever ~Agree~ (with that which is “none-ya-business” !)

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

ya gotta ~problem with that??? √say so, HERE……

ya got a problem? — say so HERE

…..{& “thanks, R.T.”I borrowed your graphic–it’s 4 an extremely Good & Happiest of ~causes~ :}

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¤ We are… MARRIED !¤!

¤a message From: i-Astaldo + Sindë-hendu:
[i.e.] Michael Cavanaugh-Brummage !!!!!!!!!!
Received: Mar 15, 2012 18:39
We are officially married! ! ;D
We are ~really married ! 😀 😀

in Cape Cod, Massachusetts…

by a Ship-Captain…on the pier ! 🙂
«–from my bestest friend ∞

ya gotta ~problem with that??? √say so, HERE…..

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How ~they Fall…in LOVE + why…

[so ‘they’ say…?]
» Women fall in ¤ Love by what they HEARMen, by what they SEE
That’s whymost of the women–» put on ~Make-up. & …most of men –» ~Lie ¥ ¤÷{

»»truth ? ..or dare ?~~2 believe

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

an ~echoed Wonder~?? (as per advocate): WHY is it a “milestone” TO Continue the *same* tired, flawed ~model… ???

Leslie Peeples shared following link
.. [i.e. a few days ago…thanks, Leslie! Hope u don’t mind? ].
& had this to say abt it: –>
“And, why is it a “milestone” TO Continue the same tired, flawed ~modelby which Horses are gathered FROM the Wild,
& turned over
TO Ranchers, who are paid a stipend by BLM,
—-instead of coming Up with
a ~Humane plan~ … which has a return TO the Public?? …
** The bottom line is this:
** the BLM starts up the same tired program
& “marches it out” as if
they are– offering the Public and the wild Horses
–» a NEW experience & direction
–» when the Reality is that:
it IS “just more of the same”!*!?

revenge IS a ~devious slinking~ snake in the tree...

≈≈≈revenge IS a ~devious slinking~ snake in the tree…

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

Violence–(of ~good intention?)–> only Temporary~results… + Permanent evil.

I object to Violence ~ because when it ~appears to Do good,
the ~good is only Temporary.
The ~evil it does is Permanent.
~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


& Now, folks…Congress hits 1 to~please~ good-old-CZAR-Salazar! √just Born in the Wrong CENtury & WORLD, dude!*?*! (Try 1924…?)

And Now, folks…1 to ~please~ good-0ld-Sally-CZAR ! √just Born in the Wrong TIME & WORLD, dude?*! —- “Congress Demands that those danged WILD (& nasty) HORSES …Cover-up their foul penises” …ppllu-eese!?  🙂  ≈watch…

Congress, 1924: Rep. Demands Horses Wear Dresses To Hide Foul Penises
~~please click 2nd link, if 1st doesn’t work?

In June 1924 Representative Oliver Shaker (D) condemned government inaction on the issue of publicly exposed horse penis and
proposed a law which would federally require horses to wear modesty dresses….

    {{a Friend “tho’t This was Funny as hell!” }} ;D & so do I !
    “Road-Kill Squirrel Remembered As ~Frantic, Indecisive~” 03.02.12
    + “Meth addicts demand the gov’t Address the nation’s growing spider menace*, K-Y introduces a new line of jam, + Prince Fielder reports to spring training exactly the right amo overweight.
    & It was the week of February 27th, 2012….

<a href="
Road-Kill Squirrel Remembered As Frantic, Indecisive“>
Road-Kill Squirrel Remembered As Frantic, Indecisive

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~