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Mato ska (Mica) outraces mom Feldspar
{photo by CloudFoundation}……...supposed t/b WITH TWEET ABT. WILD HORSES!!!! !!!!!!
And• ;;;;» R.T. Fitch inTerView• !


The Traumatised Child Within

My Travels with Depression

ImageThroughout life, rather than live with childhood trauma, many of us are inclined to run from the memories that transport us back to a place we try so hard to escape.

I imagine that every survivor of abuse has awareness for the need to forgive and move on – not for the abusers benefit, but for our own peace of mind.  There is desperation to find healing of the hurt, shame and humiliation.  At the same point, there is less of a willingness to forgive the perpetrator(s).

How can we find forgiveness in our hearts for people whose self-righteous arrogance Imagecannot admit they were wrong?  How can we overcome the anger for our abusers and the impact their actions have on our entire lives?  I seem to harbour some kind of mental block against achieving that idealistic state of forgiveness. 

At the weekend, something weird happened.  I became aware of…

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It’s a Shame /\ coUlda-Been : ‘a niCe aPPreciation’

~»2013-0503 10:04 a REmindER of – {what will neVer haPPen}

    ~& it’s a Shame!
    [ was SO eXcited ]

;;;;;» (( F00Lish~me….thought YoU •MEANT• it….))


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IMmensely ThankFUL: a Mommy’s thoughts » to a Daddy! ;(}

so IMmensely ThankFUL~¤ :
a Mommy’s thoughts » to her old ¤kinDred~SpiRit¤ ;(}

    ÷÷ ON an INcomprehensibly EVIL Day ….
    {full of Babies* being~muRdered?!?}


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((Slick fence))) ALL TWEET WORDS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So-called Freedom & Opportunity (vs.) Fanatic republicanism … “just sayin’


Apr 04, 2012 00:10 √22nd b-day: ends… to J/KT/KC! *this SONG makes me Cry* 4 HER beauty!)

Sister Golden-hair Surprise”! {by America }

—»just √sitting in apt lot«—
(on Whirly-Girl ‘s  22nd b-day)

To *:€ my Red ¤ Knight!
To *:0 KC
To @;°} my miraculous daughter

Apr 4, 2012 00:10
* & “Sister Golden-hair Surprise”!
{by ~America~ } playing* ∞ ∞ ∞

& makes me Cry 😥 —>
for ¤ Whirly-Girl ‘s BEAUTY!

sister golden hair surprise ! (4 KT)~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~∞

Sister Golden Hair is performed by ★America ★-∞


*Our ≈blue-eyed~∞~Golden~Hair≈ SuPr!se ★

America – ♥Sister Golden Hair lyrics

♪Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damn depressed
That I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed
   I ain’t ready for the altar but I do agree there’s times
                  …When a woman sure can be a friend of mine

Well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you, …Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can’t live without you; can’t you see it in my eyes?
I been one poor correspondent, and I been…. too, too hard to find
     But it doesn’t mean … you ain’t been on my mind

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well I tried to fake it, I don’t mind sayin’,
I just can’t make it

Well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you, Sister Golden Hair surprise

And I just can’t live without you;… can’t you see it in my eyes?
Now I been one poor correspondent,  and I been…. too, too hard to find
… But it doesn’t mean -… you ain’t been on my mind

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?

Well I tried to fake it, I don’t mind sayin’,
               I just can’t make it

Doo wop doo wop…..

Msg  To ‘:^¤ my daughter ∞~{the “golden-hair Surprise “! }~∞
Apr 4, 2012 01:06 a.m.

     » Good¤Night, ∞~^Fire°fly^~∞   ♥



»  ≈have≈ the very ¤ SweeetTt-est ≈of ¤ Dreams !  !     ;D

+ a BIG ({♣}) HUG ~from your mommy~ …… (LoL!)

Very ¥-few TREEs ♣ eVer – have an ADVOCATE!…(because..??..)

Most TREEs † have. (8`^£. ~Enemies...
–>because T≈R≈E≈E~S are

¥-large, … ∞a£i!ve, … ♠strong, … Old~in~¢~*Wisdom


/// n0t ≈tameAble≈, n0r easilyKilled!) …


∞~Very Few* ¥- T≈R≈E≈Es ¥-(ever)
Have °an √ADVOCATE~∞ ” ? !


•theW!cKedW!nded»super•DERECHO»of 6/29, \\√”claimed” a ¥^-±#x». fr*iend.…//

    //a $$tr!ke//t00 close-2-h¤me//
~10' circ.*Tree* of W!CKedW!ND»»ch¤pped•d¤wn»at Strongest Point! on 6/29 8 pm \r.i.p./ my friend :(

~10′ circ.*Tree* of W!CKedW!ND»»ch¤pped•d¤wn»at Strongest Point! on 6/29 8 pm \r.i.p./ my friend 😦

S a r a h !? P a l i n …in ≈”BAKED ∞ ALASKA”≈ |OmG|Why -? ♣ pleeeeze *cAn’t U ~just (quietly) ~ GO-00 – A.W.A.Y.~”? “?”?!/photo.php?fbid=493046017387581&id=108038612554992&set=a.116898608335659.16274.108038612554992&__user=1359154860 Baked★alaska!
S a r a h !? P a l i n …in ≈”BAKED ∞ ALASKA”≈
OmG, really?!?Why –♣ Is it –-that- ¢~she *cAn n0t ~just (quietly) ~ GO-00 – A.W.A.Y.~¢ “? “?”?

p!L!eeee!Ze *???

(via Facebook)

Mala-khitty ~wonders~ wth #Humans_think? & #where_IS_everyone?!

Mala-khitty ~wonders~ wth*l R #Humans thinking?
& #where_IS_everyone who #used_to_care ?! ^±^

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


$$timulating the “e€onomy”…. °÷} (reblog)

$$timulating the “e€onomy”…. °÷}
hehehe, this is GgrreeaatT! =)) RotFL

The PPJ Gazette

Sent to us by a PPJ reader!

Sometime this year, we taxpayers  will again receive another ‘Economic Stimulus’  payment.

This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by  using a Q & A format:

Q. What is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment ?

A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.

Q..Where will the government get this money ?

A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money ?

A. Only a smidgen of it.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment ?

A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a  high-definition  TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of  China ?

A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U.S. economy by spending your stimulus check wisely:

* If you spend…

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How ¤ ironic?! -that the «Adjacent story» on Sci.Am. is: “RATS LAUGH, *BUT N0T LIKE HUMANS”… re: ‘Sandusky trial’ (& claim “Kids actually *Safer, now?”)

—Facebook newsfeed—»
cssssswv shared the following link + had this to say about it:

How ¤ ironic?! -that the «Adjacent story» on Sci.Am. is:
“RATS LAUGH, *BUT N0T LIKE HUMANS” …(so then they Tell us:
“Kids are actually★ *Safer, now”)- from Sexual Perverts???

–»AS Sandusky merely SHRUGS! when led 0ut of courtroom!*?*!
….. «Scientificamerican: Is Child Sexual Abuse [n0! n0t at all] On the Rise?»
re: Sandusky trial & others..

    “According to nation’s top experts, children are actually Safer from physical & sexual abuse than they have been for decades”….
    From 2005-2006, est. 553,000 Children suffered sexual/physical/emotional Abuse, “down 26% from 1993″…b/w 1993–2005, the # Sexually-Abused kids dropped 38%….in fact, this ‘incidence’ began to Drop -2 decades ago…

– ÷ – € – )\¤,_¤`/( – ÷ –

~tell That* to:

Jerry Sandusky’s “VICTIM-6 mom, [who sobbed] ‘we’ve lost all!’, while hugging her Crying SON”, in that Courtroom…

    {this “Man-Child” is 0nly 1 of 3 ain’t~gonna~Go~so~far~to~believe~him~too~n0n-guilty counts against his* Pervert, tonight!? } -of 45!more *believable ‘stories’? _why_?

1 comment suggests:

    ..never been a time when Accountability was as high as now..n0t 0nly did social status have more weight in the past…ensuring those With Highest status were able 2 get away with Whatever they wanted…& ability to Do things in ~secrecy much greater….

—while I cannot Disagree with him, -» I believe: This article* is Much More relevant, HERE! ?
“Child Abuse: Why People Look the Other Way?” Child Abuse: WHY People so often Look the Other Way
~tell That* to:

All those UNsafe “Children” & “Grown-adult-children” I’ve *SEEN, *Known, *Heard~ … {+ those who Won’t/Didn’t make it ~there}-to suffer M0Re…

    ___[hmmm..tweet @oloriondolinde: PennState plan “invite Sandusky victims to discuss” resolution? while #6 mom holds Crying Son @Reuters via @breakingnews 11:54 p.m. Fri.]

~tell That* to:
¤~the 1,000’s (? 100,000’s), who are still HIDING «- the #Rage / #guilt / #fear from their Own *Awareness~¤ ! {cuz it’ll ~sneak 0ut~ to Bite, ];£ ..eventually… }
Tweet from @oloriondolinde: When You Have Been #Betrayed via @ExcelAtLife when U have been Betrayed!
=»to tHose, who ~Trust~n0-0ne~~ •€8”[
…(& IF so, too Often -the Wrong-0ne)!…yet, they *do n0t realize ‘WHY’ ?

– ÷ – <|3 – ÷ –

–»& *although these “social research experts” ADMIT:

quote from Sci.Am.:

Dr. Finkelhor notes, “child victimization declines of the 1990s were something new, and *not simply the extension of trend lines* from the past. E.g., *available data on child abuse show strong increases in all forms of maltreatment from the mid-1970s into the 1990s.*
After a short plateau, the *sexual abuse decline seemed to start in 1992*; physical abuse *decline gained momentum after 1996*…. Many(?) analysts did not interpret the earlier rise as “necessarily indicative of a real increase” in child maltreatment -but rather- as result of a new public & professional mobilization to identify & report cases. But *data suggested real increases in the 1980s.”*

Overall, Dr. Finkelhor told, “There is very little evidence that child sexual abuse is on the rise in U.S., + considerable evidence that it is declining, including data from law enforcement, child protection & ‘surveys’ of victims themselves.”…

we-e-ell…it’s €ertain: : : n0t All “necessarily” (or) even “remotely Agree, here…
-moving along their ‘theory’:

    Causes of [late ’90’s significant] drop in child sexual abuse are complex; not completely understood.

{..uh.. (OR) perhaps, they’re just Now..becoming 0LD enough 2 *realize, or *report it ? ? …}

    Some experts point out, “overall crime rate” dropped significantly during same time.. child *Abuse rates* fell -along with murder/assault… Other analyses credit “economic prosperity” of 1980s & 1990s..

[WOW!-how’s that make U ~feel abt TODAY???]

    …as improving overall “social conditions” …others note that: maybe tougher penalties for sex crimes led to higher #’s of offenders – jailed.
    .. also likely that
    greater social Awareness of child abuse….

–»n0ne seem to “entertain the idea” ~that:
~1/2 or More of “those ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s kids”,

    like me (perhaps You?)

remain So gut-wrenchingly Sickened~ by “this phenomena”, which We *knew/felt/saw# ~all~t00~Closely~
{lives}*intricately woven with “its”ugly~colors, are instantly-ready, (via Knife or Fang)
to: Over *Protect children’s innocence
the 0ther #1/4 who proceed-to-become-Perpetrators, too ?!

[albeit, a ~bit of *credit is bestowed upon “realistic movie-Dramas”…]

    •|÷“bo!nk• … I dunno….

[[& a thoughtful Comment TO those inevitable Yahoos , slobbery with “anticipation” —let’s Blame this On the Gays! ‡8^P ]]:

Child abuse has *nothing to do with sexual orientation*. *pedophiles are aroused by sexual dominance* & *control, which makes children of either sex their potential victims.
However, *opportunities for men to prey on boys * are vastly more abundant [nowadays] than with girls.
Rarely are men [NOW] allowed unsupervised control & access to young girls,

{ & there IS a sad, sad Reason for ~that, too 😦 – }

but that circumstance is quite common for young boys. That’s *why pedophiles seek out Positions * in religious clergy, sports teams, scouts, etc. Most molesters are married men with children of own (Catholic priests aside.)
Clinical studies have shown that *openly gay men are the demographic least likely to be involved in child molestation*. If anyone thinks otherwise, then I submit that they have been mislead by untrustworthy sources of info.

(but I*did Learn this:

RATS LAUGH, BUT * N0T LIKE HUMANS … now ~that, i*Believe )

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

a C.i.r.c.l.e. -of- FRIENDs (fw: from my mother) !*? … [+] addendum..

I'll ~Cherish~&~Shelter~ You

I’ll ~Cherish~&~Shelter~ You

(forward From: my mother ? ) Sent: 6/15/2012 7:27:27 A.M. Eastern Daylight ‘Time’.

~€ircle-of- ¤~F.R.I.*E.N.D*s~¤

¤~T00 many people ((continue to)) #put 0ff#
a simple*thing – that brings them J*O*Y,
just because: :

    they haven’t thought about it, don’t have it on their schedule, didn’t know it was coming \or/ are too rigid to depart from their routine ?.?

• I got to ~thinking~ 1 day about all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. ??
 From then on, I’ve tried to be a little *more flexible*.

    | How many people out there will >stay at home< because:
    their ¤~Significant Other~¤ didn’t suggest going out to dinner -until- After something had been thawed?  Does the word ‘refrigeration’ mean nothing to you? | How often have your kids dropped in to talk– yet- sat in silence ~ while you watched ‘Jeopardy’ on television? |
    I cann0t count the times- I called my sister & said, ‘How about going to lunch in a half hour?’  — She would gasp & stammer,
    ‘I can’t.
    ..O! I have clothes on the line.  My hair is dirty.  I wish I had known yesterday, I had a late breakfast, It looks like rain.’  (& my personal favorite):  ‘It’s Monday.’
    She *died a few years ago…. :”( We »never Did« ~have lunch together...

• Because Americans cram so much into their lives; we tend to schedule our headaches.  
• We live on a ‘sparse diet’ of *÷Promises we make÷* to our»selves
\when ÷ 0nce/ all the conditions become perfect ! ? THEN :::

    »We’ll go back & visit* the grandparents ~when~ we get the little guy toilet-trained We’ll entertain ~when~ we replace the living-room carpet…   We’ll GO on that 2nd ¤ honeymoon! ~when~ we get 2 more kids out of college

» » » » » ¤~L.I.F.E. has a ★ way of «Accelerating» as we get older ÷÷  

the Days get $$horter, … [while] that “list” of promises-to-ourselves
just gets L o n g e r…..

==»  One morning, we ¤~Awaken~¤, &
ALL we have to *show* for our {lives} is:

”””’a litany of ‘I’m going to,’ ‘I plan on,’ ‘I promise you’, + ‘Someday, when things settle down a bit.’ ””””’

• When anyone calls my ‘seize~the~moment’ *Friend,
she IS *Open to Adventure -&- “available” for Trips.  She keeps an *Open mind* on new ideas~.  Her enthusiasm for {{Life}} is contagious! 😉  You talk with her for 5 minutes,
& you’re *Ready to»
trade your bad feet for a pair of Roller blades”</em> ~±~ skip an elevator for a bungee cord”… 😉

• My lips have n0t touched ice cream in 10 years. (& I *love* ice cream)…  It’s just that I might as well apply it directly to my stomach with a spatula & eliminate the digestive processbut–  
* The other day, I stopped the car & bought a triple-Decker..!.. If my car had hit an iceberg on the way home, I would have died happy. ((((( )))))

»Now… you go on & “have a nice day” ¤ —}

But I √ask U to
-» DO
something you* WANT to ….
.(n0t something on your SHOULD DO list)

•?• If {You} were going to die*soon – & had 0nly 1 phone call
€^!^ you could make,
*who would you call & *what would you say?
and \Why/ are you W a i t i n g ?~

| Make sure U read this to the End; you’ll understand why I sent this to you. |

• • Have YOU, my*friend :
~ever /or/ even lately~ ::
» watched kids, just playing on a merry~go~round ?
*listened to the “””Rain”””, lapping* on the ground?
* Ever followed
a butterfly’s ^erratic~¥~flight^ ?
¤~gazed at the Sun into the *fading night? …

» Do you run through each day on the fly?

» When you ask ★ ‘ How are you?’ ÷j  Do you… ¤~hear~¤ the Reply ???

• When the day is done » do you lie in your bed, with the next 100 chores >running through<  your head?

» Ever told Your child, “sure- – -We’ll do it tomorrow.” ~& in your haste, n0t see his Sorrow?

 » Ever LOST touch?
» Let a good friendship die?
 »Just call to say ‘Hi’ ?


  • When you worry -&- hurry through Each day, it is like:
    • an unopened *~gift….Thrown away…..
  • • Life is n0t a race ~ Take it s l o w e r (& En*Joy some)
  • Hear the music before the Song is over: :
  • ¤~ ❤ ~¤

((So, supposedly)?) … It’s National Friendship Week.. Show your friends *you Care*…
Send this to everyone you consider a ‘FRIEND’
 -»If it comes back to you, then you’ll know:
U have
{{a €ircle of friends}}.
» To those I have sent this to I *cherish
our Friend*ship & I Appreciate* all You do…

¤~Life may n0t be the “party we hoped” for…  But
while we are here,
we might as well *D~A~N~C~E !~¤ ;D


Re: \that “€ircle~of~F.R.I.*E.N.D.s”/ ? ? • ? O!how- ¤~I W.i.s.h.~¤
★ I Could (just) *“Awaken” ….
[probably More–than Any~1~thing:::
that s*e*e*m*s Pretty ~simple-» til Ucan’t !?]

that: † i~might~still…
BE that “seize-the-moment”-friend … [but]
I cannot •|:( ~Ever Be ….anything like That (again)
–» (& i’m) – s o r r y… 😦

¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, *Lived At PEACE* in Custer Forest~¤

¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, Living *PEACEfully -in- Custer Forest~¤  [tCF]

¤~Conquistador & his lovely 2005 band, Living *PEACEfully -in- Custer Forest~¤ [tCF]

Jun 9, 2012 «tribute»
¤~Conquistador & his lovely band 2005, in Custer Forest

Laura Leigh said, “Also I want to say a Prayer~ for
¤~the magnificent Conquistador~¤ , a Stallion of the Pryor Mountains !

He passed away 😦 with no obvious sign of injury.
Ginger went to search for him, as he had not been seen…

¤~Run Free Forever ~ beautiful, beautiful stallion~¤
……. ~Laura~ ……

{¤~Nóro Mírima Tenn’oio ~ vánima, savánima nér-olompo~¤}
…you are •sadly Missed• ~ and *Never will be Forgotten*… {thank U, regal Stallion, for Sharing your ~Life, ~Wisdom, ~Family –with Us !}

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

*I choose to remember* Him in LIFE— «No human, other than BLM who freeze branded, ever Touched» ¤~Conquistador~¤

¤~Conquistador ±1990-2012 &
 his loyal Cavalitta 1999- ¤ 
(Tribute 3  by tCF)

¤~Conquistador ±1990-2012 &
his loyal Cavalitta 1999- ¤
(Tribute 3 by tCF)

«No human, other than BLM people who freeze branded him, ever Touched» ¤~Conquistador~ ¤
His indomitable Spirit had long left the body *I stroked that rainy late May afternoon.

*I choose to remember* Him in lifeProud, Regal, Ferocious in battle, but ever Patient & Kind to all his Mares & Foals…”
~~~ {Ginger Kathrens}
*I say* to the Regal Conquistador :
«Nóro i-Súlenna sí ~ nóriëryo… tenn’oialë, ráva ar Mírima …
Namárië ! ~ astaldo aranwë Conquistadorë, “i-mithrandír”
» ~≈π~√÷¢
~~~ { & I Thank the great Creator ~ for this *gift of Life, well*lived 😀 }

(Run upon the Wind now ~ of your homeland
wild and Free!.. Farewell ! ~the valiant regal Conquistador, the “explorer”. )

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

C00L! ~€at just *found* …E-bay! ≈^∞^≈ ((uh-oh))


C00L!! ~i just *sold the Dog* ... on E-bay ≈^∞^≈

≈^^≈ ”””’CAT “”” dreams “”””    

Just HOW ~ridiculously dumb~IS Sarah Palin? WATCH!

Ok, ok, it’s a bit “out-of-date” … ~still – She will never Cease to AMAZE me~ by her *ignorance – nor her ‘followers” …
{ I mean, geeZ!! — R E A L L Y -?? … hehehe }

portrait of “the Outlaw Band” of bachelors on Pryor WHR [by PryorWild]

Just LOVE this awesome photo ;D
by: Matt, at “PryorWild”, on August 5, 2010 !

    (he’s the 1 who » Pointed out » that
    ~These guys L00K an awful lot…like
    “those funny old Outlaw-band photos“, of the “wild, wild West”)

& *I think it’s a HOOT! 😀 Can’t see it with0ut giggling, ever since….

»» that’s the stallion, DOC, with his ears pinned down (in disgust) –on the right.
{likely b/c Doc just LOST his family Band, the previous day ? (temporarily),
& quite Obviously…is n0t overly ~thrilled~ about rejoining this “rambunctious bachelor bunch” ??? }

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

¤~some most impt Lessons of Life, I’ve learned~¤ *“÷} …now–» how ’bout Yours ?*?

¤~some most impt Lessons of Life, I’ve learned~¤ *“÷}
…now–» how ’bout Yours ?*?

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

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