haptics? Feel Things That Aren’t There? Really really cool ! I wanna know MORE : *~»

Really really cool ! I wanna know MORE :  *~» 

The theory behind current haptics applications goes back into what is called multiple resource theory. Humans are visual animals, but when that sense gets overwhelmed other senses can compensate. Think of a blind person learning what another person’s face looks like by touching it.

Now imagine ‎……

 . Haptic Technology Makes You Feel Things That Aren’t There | Inside Science. http://www.insidescience.org/content/haptic-technology-makes-you-feel-things-aren’t-there/2421


 ‎One system [Disney research]  developed, called REVEL, projects texture on smooth objects. With that technology, it might be possible to feel the material in a sweater before you buy it online. It can work on any surface, including furniture, walls, tabletops, or human skin, through vibrators embedded in a chair. It can help make a player feel as if he or she is driving a race car, complete with skids and collisions.


*~»There are haptic keyboards coming.!!«~*

In medicine it may soon be possible for a doctor to look at a 3D MRI or CT image, stick his or her hand into the image and feel for things like tumors, blockages, blood clots.

** Haptics is already being used in robotic surgery. The surgeon, holding controls, can feel what the robot is feeling and react properly, a variant on the fly-by-wire controls….  


Read l‎ots‎ more ¡! »» 


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