The Traumatised Child Within

My Travels with Depression

ImageThroughout life, rather than live with childhood trauma, many of us are inclined to run from the memories that transport us back to a place we try so hard to escape.

I imagine that every survivor of abuse has awareness for the need to forgive and move on – not for the abusers benefit, but for our own peace of mind.  There is desperation to find healing of the hurt, shame and humiliation.  At the same point, there is less of a willingness to forgive the perpetrator(s).

How can we find forgiveness in our hearts for people whose self-righteous arrogance Imagecannot admit they were wrong?  How can we overcome the anger for our abusers and the impact their actions have on our entire lives?  I seem to harbour some kind of mental block against achieving that idealistic state of forgiveness. 

At the weekend, something weird happened.  I became aware of…

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