IF oNly – HEAT?? |Can “unbecoming” act as VERB? 0r 0nly AdjectIve?| (how) cAn 0nE “BE-come”«–this ?|


    is wh0 ~
    I’ve ~beComE~ ?
    |cAn 0nE “BE-come” «–this ?|
    |can 0ne UN~beCoMe ~it?alSo?|
    t h i s
    IS «now»
    my ~so~called~
    …. ?

|that’s – it | ?
| that’s – all | ?

    I thought ~
    I * h e a r d
    ?_ me_? SAY …..
    ///// ~~ηєνєя ƒσяgєт тнαт ℓ̓є–Χ α мιяα¢ℓє~~ \\\\

¿ was that* _me_?

    {{and, Is “unbecoming” a VERB, as well??

~•~ 0r
sTr!cTly an ADJECTIVE! //stuck~In•time•-as~is??\\
I wønder…..}}

IF =HeaT= fInALLy~??? \geez/\@_@/

IF =HeaT= fInALLy~??? \geez/\@_@/

(\ /)
(> )>
VV noTe:: this [post] was prepared for mid~December* 2012…{& §AT here__“pending” alOne}

/¿?\ n0netheLe§§ ~ these
P Ø N D E R I Ñ Gz remain•…. …..



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