kN0w what TOday is?? (It involve§ “TRUTH”, s§orry) -to-the-Ða$tarðl¥-§ñãKê»

kN0w what TOday is??

It i$ –>

Aug 19, 2012 12:27

W♥W….dear §ñãKe, …((TRUTH / HoneSty / LiStening / All & aNy~thing…)) <~~
§$uRe~N0t where Y≈O≈U are CoMiñg –from” ∞
(ñ0r GOinñgg), i§ it? ???
Søundz like an åLterñåTe WØrlD ≈to U≈, huh??


but–gee! T00 ~B.A.D.~ that She just ♠≈coUld~N0t≈ beLIEve
All those ‡”ReD FlaGzzzz”‡ …
About ≈≈≈≈≈÷> Y•O•U??(s00n enough)????

\\\\\\\\ nope, U Have NeVer SEEN≈ •M•A•D•!! ♦… /////// ∞~still

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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