t00 c00l *blueRoan change*mask! Diamond/Teton on 4/7/12 [s.Ivie] 9401 bt

    Shawn grabbed *this t00 €00L pic! on 04/07/2012, Pryor~Mtn~Wild~Horse~Range

Diamond / Teton # 9401-bt
18 y.o. Blue Roan sports ~this~€razy~”mask”~ «–as he’s changing from-» his Winter-coat !
^\©¶©/^ … (dark. Ovals surround Eyes + dark grey blaze-like =Strip= down nose ~on a silvery face~)!!

    Diamond is a gorgeous blue roan Band*Stallion , with Lh sock, greyish Mane, & full black Tail –
    1994 son – of Grumpy-Grulla 8813 bt X Raven ! “coal-black, graceful~as a~Dancer, fierce~as a~Warrior”. band-Stallion 8812 bt – (d. 03/2008) …

–»now with a £ega€¥ ~ all his Õwn ! 😀 he’s MågÑif!€enT, huh? 😉

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~



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