Wow! -More than sparklers on July 4?? Physicists find new particle, but is it the Higgs BOSON?!? : (via Nature News & Comment)

For nearly half a century, physicists have predicted the existence of a particle that helps to endow
others with ♥mass. … Named after theoretical physicist Peter Higgs, the ♥boson is the upshot of a mathematical trick that unites the ★electromagnetic & ★weak nuclear forces into a single ‘electroweak’ interaction. It is considered the final, crucial piece of the standard model of particle physics.

∞~~|~~∞~~°~~¢÷]~~~°~~√~~∞~~∞ -»howeVer,
a ★BIG-Time ★ NEWS conference -a ≈gala★ event≈, really … Is SCHEDULED °on J!u*L!y 04′ 2012!
… {@ which 4 of the living scientists /physicists–who’ve been instrumental to the Study & Search -for this Higgs boson particle… | Will Be there}}
!W♣O!W★ ——////////////——–

LHC Proton @LHCproton ~~tweet~~
Few LHC protons sleeping tonight. Far too excited waiting to learn whether our particle family will have a new member tomorrow. 7:15pm – 3 Jul 12

Hmmm…several big “skeptics” & “naysayers” comment (at Length!)–» after the Nature article….
But ★i like These-2 best 😀 (so far)::::

2012-07-03 12:08 PM — Juan Klopper said:
Dear Colin Megson, allow me a short rebuttal. A quick read of your posts on LFTRs -&- its noble cause not withstanding, criticising the LHC & its scientists makes you seem a bit misinformed.
If the real scientists around here would allow me to defend them, let me explain that although I do not belong to a program that feeds hungry children, my day-job involves both trauma and cancer surgery. Sufficient I think to qualify me to respond to your comments. As such I spend considerable time every week in the Cape Flats, not only 1 of the most notorious ganglands in the world, but also a community struggling with poor governmental healthcare support. On behalf of my patients, a big thank you to all the scientists at the LHC. Only through endeavours such as theirs do *I have the equipment to save the gunshot victims that I do,
to *have* the accelerator therapy treatment for advanced tumours that I see. I can just shake my head at people with your point of view.
So come-on.! This is a momentous occasion. A celebration of both the human mind & spirit.
Juan. Specialist Trauma -&- Emergency Care Surgeon for the last 10 years (read, struggling to get the time to finish my physics degree) …South Africa


2012-07-03 07:26 AM. Blythe Brown said:
I second Juan Klopper’s comment: even a rushed perusal of the history of science shows the profound, history-altering power of physics. Yes, their work doesn’t feed the starving children of TOday. But–» their work will, absolutely, increase human welfare in the long-term.* Productive physicists are heroes – people who work hard for relatively poor pay to change the world for the better. Modern life would be – and this is not an exaggeration – impossible without physics.
If you want to make a lot of money, be a lawyer or some other guild-protected professional. If you want to be a “god among men” (if unheralded), then be a competent physicist working on the fundamental research.
What is this useful for?” asks the layman of the physicist. “Ask me again in 50 years” says the physicist.
(Granted, much physics finds use nearly immediately. However, history-altering fundamental research can require more time to find practical application. Paradoxically, such research, in spite of the time for diffusion, is of far greater value (with caveats) than the applied sort.)
*The usual atomic bomb arguments notwithstanding – the world is actually far better off ((partly through luck)) for the existence of the atom bomb – n0 great powers have warred with one another (except by proxy) for 70 years. This is historically unheard of.

+*C00L Rebuttal! points*

+*C00L Rebuttal! points*


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