So- *that was a Super★Derecho?! Eastern U.S. ‡ swelters ‡ with Freakish heat wave, power outages, ★Super Derechos★

~10' circ.*Tree* of W!CKedW!ND»»ch¤pped•d¤wn»at Strongest Point! on 6/29 8 pm \r.i.p./ my friend :(

~10′ circ.*Tree* of W!CKedW!ND»»ch¤pped•d¤wn»at Strongest Point! on 6/29 8 pm \r.i.p./ my friend 😦

¢—>>>sooooooo…..*that Crazy★, Nutso★ “event” -of Friday eve. !! ::: was a SuperDERECHO?!!?
“”””geez! °,÷{{ ≈≈AbSOlutely – = the FR*EA*K!EST “Storm” 0r “W≈I≈N≈D”…that I’ve eVver seen- ∞~0r-Felt~∞!!? W♥W!

(((Eastern U.S. swelters with heat wave, power outages)))
Mon, 2nd Jul 2012 10:03 PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) –
Relentless heat gripped much of ~ eastern United States for a 4th straight day on Monday, with ≈ 2.1 million homes & businesses ♠with0ut power♠ after violent storms & soaring temperatures killed at least 18 people.

Power companies warned it could take several days to restore electricity completely in some areas as much of U.S. sweltered in a heat wave.
*288 temperature records were set nationwide on Sunday!
Above-normal temperatures will *continue to affect a large portion of country from ~ northern Plains to ~ Mid-Atlantic over ♣ next few♣ days,” National Weather Service said.
Many areas will see temperatures from 90° Fahrenheit to > than 100° (37.7° C), it said in a statement.
**Excessive heat warnings* & *advisories remained over much of –mid-Mississippi Valley& southern states.
Severe ★ thunderstorms were possible in Kentucky & Missouri, + in ~north-central states, weather agency said.
Emergencies* were declared in Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, & Washington because of damage from …


rare ♦ “super derecho” storm ♦packing hurricane-force winds across a 700-★mile (1,100 kilometer) stretch from – Midwest to – Atlantic Ocean.!!

~2.1 million homes & businesses from Illinois to New Jersey were still with0ut power, with biggest concentration in Washington area.
& With power lines down across region, U.S. gov’t told federal workers in Washington area they could take “unscheduled leave” or “work from home” on Mon–Tue.

2 of largest property insurers, USAA & Nationwide, said they’ve received over 12,000 claims in total from weekend storms. Most for house damage. The storms capped a costly June for insurers, already facing losses of @ least $1 billion from a hailstorm that ripped through Dallas, TX.

Thunderstorms & high winds battered eastern North Carolina on Sunday afternoon, causing 3 more deaths on top of @ least 15 from deadly storms & heat in several states.

93,000 Commonwealth Edison customers in northeastern Illinois were with0ut power from powerful storms that brought wind gusts of up to 90 mph.

Utilities in Ohio, Virginia, & Maryland described damage to their power grids as •catastrophic•.

FirstEnergy utilities in states from Ohio to New Jersey had ≈252,000 customers with0ut power.
Pepco, which serves Washington & much of its suburbs in Maryland & Virginia, reported ≈229,000 customers with0ut power.
Baltimore Gas & Electric said ≈213,000 customers remained affected. Almost 1,200 utility workers from 12 states & Canada are helping restore power (or are on their way) to central Maryland, the company said.

–» Storms killed 6 people in Virginia & left more than 1 million customers with0ut power.
2 people were killed in Maryland, officials said.

A falling tree killed 2*cousins, aged 2 & 7, in New Jersey.
Heat was blamed for deaths of 2*brothers, ages 3 & 5, in Tennessee who had been playing! outside in temperatures reaching 105° (41 C).
St. Louis, MO reported 3 heat-related deaths over the weekend. All were elderly & had air conditioners not in use.

    —»AccuWeather, a weather forecaster, said ♦ the “super derecho” storm♦ that caused ~ widespread damage had •raced ★700 miles from northern Indiana to the Atlantic coast in 12 hours.!!
    A ♦derechoSpanish for “straight” – is a ♦long-lasting wind storm ♦that accompanies fast-moving thunderstorms / showers, AccuWeather said. ….

The most powerful derechos are called ★super derechos,” ★ described by AccuWeather as aland hurricane.”

(Reporting by Bruce Olsen in St. Louis, Karen Brooks in Austin, Texas, Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles, Paul Thomasch in New York, Susan Guyett in Indianapolis, Tim Ghianni in Nashville, Jane Sutton in Miami, Alistair Bull in Washington.; Editing by Eric Beech & Christopher Wilson)


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  1. c stone
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 12:42:11

    “Most TREEs have :£ ~Enemies…(although Undeserved)
    –>because T≈R≈E≈E~S are ★large, ♠strong, √Old in *Wisdom, &
    /// n0t ≈tameAble≈, n0r easily ♥ Killed!) …
    –but~ ∞~Very Few* Have °an √ADVOCATE~∞ ”


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