my Last dream, I ~think (I ~thought) I ~saw: meteors. O n0! said t00 much (again)

O-n0! melted-ice-cream...\lost 4 eVer/

O-n0! melted-ice-cream…\lost 4 eVer/

I ~think (I ~thought) I ~saw
O-n0! I’ve said..t00 Mu€h
-_- – I set it up – -_-

(but. that was Just a ~dream, 0nly a d r e a m )

«{NO! melted-ice-cream…Jul 2, 2012 17:55 _ moon’s-day, after appt # 3_ }»

–÷€—÷€—-| my Last dream

    | @ 2:30 was | of a –»meteor belt shower–» (n0t) | f*all*ing s*ta*rs | more- (like on star+wars)- I was IN it | small, Big, tiny, hUGe | glowing ((orbs)) | straight At me | I became t00 \exhausted/ | to ~duck | so- they •pelt•ed• me | ev’ry where | then -i-saw
    -what they were … | ^wadded up^words ((flying)) | shiny foils -that ★spelled | ¤~£ife~¤ | & | “”T.I.M.E””

. . . when I was •hit•

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~



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