Mala-khitty ~wonders~ “what about our D.O.G.!?”

Mala-khitty ~wonders~ 20120625-2313

Mala-khitty ~wonders~ 20120625-2313

¤~¢at thoughts~¤
“(as •bad as I hate• 2 admit it….) ^±^°
≈what about our S p e l l I n g D.O.G. ???” ……
Sent: jun 26 00:13 …

Oh, yes— & K.m.a.n.* appears to have “survived” ^¤^
(he says, thanks 4 asking) AND that Degreaser/Cleaner Co. Called me this morning…{somewhat reassuring (tho’ rep. had n0 clue what she was ‘talkin’ about’;
& totally apologetic abt their *lame website; Mainly cuz I threatened 2 SUE them!}
* she’s sending both hard copy & email of MSDS sheets about the “chemicals contained”…& I Made her send it to Vet office, too -@ her “expense” <;[
[1st suggested I take My copy TO them? NO, no, I don’t Think so!? ]


post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~



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  1. cssssswv
    May 25, 2015 @ 00:44:19

    I really really Extra really MISS YoU, Malachi ~ 😥
    Every~single~DaY!! {my §offfft-Grey toe-warmer} and the Spelling D.o.G. Misses you, too!


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