How ¤ ironic?! -that the «Adjacent story» on Sci.Am. is: “RATS LAUGH, *BUT N0T LIKE HUMANS”… re: ‘Sandusky trial’ (& claim “Kids actually *Safer, now?”)

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cssssswv shared the following link + had this to say about it:

How ¤ ironic?! -that the «Adjacent story» on Sci.Am. is:
“RATS LAUGH, *BUT N0T LIKE HUMANS” …(so then they Tell us:
“Kids are actually★ *Safer, now”)- from Sexual Perverts???

–»AS Sandusky merely SHRUGS! when led 0ut of courtroom!*?*!
….. «Scientificamerican: Is Child Sexual Abuse [n0! n0t at all] On the Rise?»
re: Sandusky trial & others..

    “According to nation’s top experts, children are actually Safer from physical & sexual abuse than they have been for decades”….
    From 2005-2006, est. 553,000 Children suffered sexual/physical/emotional Abuse, “down 26% from 1993″…b/w 1993–2005, the # Sexually-Abused kids dropped 38%….in fact, this ‘incidence’ began to Drop -2 decades ago…

– ÷ – € – )\¤,_¤`/( – ÷ –

~tell That* to:

Jerry Sandusky’s “VICTIM-6 mom, [who sobbed] ‘we’ve lost all!’, while hugging her Crying SON”, in that Courtroom…

    {this “Man-Child” is 0nly 1 of 3 ain’t~gonna~Go~so~far~to~believe~him~too~n0n-guilty counts against his* Pervert, tonight!? } -of 45!more *believable ‘stories’? _why_?

1 comment suggests:

    ..never been a time when Accountability was as high as now..n0t 0nly did social status have more weight in the past…ensuring those With Highest status were able 2 get away with Whatever they wanted…& ability to Do things in ~secrecy much greater….

—while I cannot Disagree with him, -» I believe: This article* is Much More relevant, HERE! ?
“Child Abuse: Why People Look the Other Way?” Child Abuse: WHY People so often Look the Other Way
~tell That* to:

All those UNsafe “Children” & “Grown-adult-children” I’ve *SEEN, *Known, *Heard~ … {+ those who Won’t/Didn’t make it ~there}-to suffer M0Re…

    ___[hmmm..tweet @oloriondolinde: PennState plan “invite Sandusky victims to discuss” resolution? while #6 mom holds Crying Son @Reuters via @breakingnews 11:54 p.m. Fri.]

~tell That* to:
¤~the 1,000’s (? 100,000’s), who are still HIDING «- the #Rage / #guilt / #fear from their Own *Awareness~¤ ! {cuz it’ll ~sneak 0ut~ to Bite, ];£ ..eventually… }
Tweet from @oloriondolinde: When You Have Been #Betrayed via @ExcelAtLife when U have been Betrayed!
=»to tHose, who ~Trust~n0-0ne~~ •€8”[
…(& IF so, too Often -the Wrong-0ne)!…yet, they *do n0t realize ‘WHY’ ?

– ÷ – <|3 – ÷ –

–»& *although these “social research experts” ADMIT:

quote from Sci.Am.:

Dr. Finkelhor notes, “child victimization declines of the 1990s were something new, and *not simply the extension of trend lines* from the past. E.g., *available data on child abuse show strong increases in all forms of maltreatment from the mid-1970s into the 1990s.*
After a short plateau, the *sexual abuse decline seemed to start in 1992*; physical abuse *decline gained momentum after 1996*…. Many(?) analysts did not interpret the earlier rise as “necessarily indicative of a real increase” in child maltreatment -but rather- as result of a new public & professional mobilization to identify & report cases. But *data suggested real increases in the 1980s.”*

Overall, Dr. Finkelhor told, “There is very little evidence that child sexual abuse is on the rise in U.S., + considerable evidence that it is declining, including data from law enforcement, child protection & ‘surveys’ of victims themselves.”…

we-e-ell…it’s €ertain: : : n0t All “necessarily” (or) even “remotely Agree, here…
-moving along their ‘theory’:

    Causes of [late ’90’s significant] drop in child sexual abuse are complex; not completely understood.

{..uh.. (OR) perhaps, they’re just Now..becoming 0LD enough 2 *realize, or *report it ? ? …}

    Some experts point out, “overall crime rate” dropped significantly during same time.. child *Abuse rates* fell -along with murder/assault… Other analyses credit “economic prosperity” of 1980s & 1990s..

[WOW!-how’s that make U ~feel abt TODAY???]

    …as improving overall “social conditions” …others note that: maybe tougher penalties for sex crimes led to higher #’s of offenders – jailed.
    .. also likely that
    greater social Awareness of child abuse….

–»n0ne seem to “entertain the idea” ~that:
~1/2 or More of “those ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s kids”,

    like me (perhaps You?)

remain So gut-wrenchingly Sickened~ by “this phenomena”, which We *knew/felt/saw# ~all~t00~Closely~
{lives}*intricately woven with “its”ugly~colors, are instantly-ready, (via Knife or Fang)
to: Over *Protect children’s innocence
the 0ther #1/4 who proceed-to-become-Perpetrators, too ?!

[albeit, a ~bit of *credit is bestowed upon “realistic movie-Dramas”…]

    •|÷“bo!nk• … I dunno….

[[& a thoughtful Comment TO those inevitable Yahoos , slobbery with “anticipation” —let’s Blame this On the Gays! ‡8^P ]]:

Child abuse has *nothing to do with sexual orientation*. *pedophiles are aroused by sexual dominance* & *control, which makes children of either sex their potential victims.
However, *opportunities for men to prey on boys * are vastly more abundant [nowadays] than with girls.
Rarely are men [NOW] allowed unsupervised control & access to young girls,

{ & there IS a sad, sad Reason for ~that, too 😦 – }

but that circumstance is quite common for young boys. That’s *why pedophiles seek out Positions * in religious clergy, sports teams, scouts, etc. Most molesters are married men with children of own (Catholic priests aside.)
Clinical studies have shown that *openly gay men are the demographic least likely to be involved in child molestation*. If anyone thinks otherwise, then I submit that they have been mislead by untrustworthy sources of info.

(but I*did Learn this:

RATS LAUGH, BUT * N0T LIKE HUMANS … now ~that, i*Believe )

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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  1. MC-B
    Jun 24, 2012 @ 04:30:14

    Hang his ass


  2. c stone
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 16:49:02

    How *?fucking Maddening! & † disillusioned –n0-0ne ♦bothers to ••Comment? (Or) even *READ!?•?! {So, all Go back* to “previously Settled” (hidden?) L.I.V.E.S..}…((it’s Over★, right?))
    …eXcept 4 {{√Us~∞~4-ever Invi$ible}} °÷((


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