Magnificent *Blue Moon* and his ~Last stand~ for Freedom and Dignity! °:”(
Blue Moon Video.m4v By 1skysong. _4,823 views __
Watch as THIS Beautiful blue roan Wild Horse, (now known as):
Blue Moon”, Fights ~his very Last~ battle … for ~F R E E D O M


Prayer-flags for Horses*

& for “Truth” & for
“a Stallion’s∞Honor” -to *Love,*Lead, & Protect* his ~cherished Family~,
…{{in the 0nly way He * knows}}…
on November 5th, 2010
in a Bureau of Land Management wild horse roundup near Burns, Oregon on the Warm Springs Wild Horse range.

—yes, The AMAZING *Courage / *Dedication / *Dignityin the ~face of Exhaustion and unrelenting TERROR~ shown by
the Magnificent wild Stallion, “Blue Moon” deserves our *AWE & Respect*!! &
yet, Our U.S. government “employees” Give him 0nly
1 last L00K — at INhumanity*? – & with 000 Dignity (much less “respect“)! !
____so, so Sad ___ shameful ___(& so unnecessary) …
?~don’t U *W I S H* that You could Tell him ~differently????

∞~Namárië, our lovely Blue Moon~∞ .! ___now,
You may Run upon the Winds __of your homeland – – – – forevermore

****** (Please see alsothis film of “Blue Moon’s last stand“___by the Humane Observer)******* —>Blue Moon’s last Stand, on 11/05/2010.

… then, sing a Song of Wonder & Admiration “ __or___
say a Prayer for forgiveness & *hope~ for the ~humans, we’ve become…?-!-?


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