Pococeno (1994), has 1 offspring On the Range + several grandkids!

#Wildhorse Daily: Pococeno- She has 1 living offspring, but a... on Twitpic

Wildhorse Daily: 50 114 days ago
* Pococeno- (1994-25 SY) She has 1 living offspring, but a few grandkids.
You may also know her as Bolder’s mom!

–therefore, her descendants via Bolder (2001-21) are: (as far as I know)
Juniper / “bolder’s Jewel” – 2009-14 {by Sapo/”Cedar” 9801}
Klamath /“Absarokee” – 2010-14 {“Cedar”/Sapo}
Lobo – 2011-06 {“Cedar”/Sapo}
•+ Sage”/ Iglesia 2008-10 stripped & sold in Sept 2009 RU 😦 {by “Cedar”/Sapo}
Kiva /Kicks Alot” – 2010-11 {by Fool’s Gold /”Autumn” 2534}
Killian /Echo2010-03 {by Celt /”Cascade” 2207}
•?*? Lenape – 2011-15? {by Hatalii /”Honey” 27___?} [not sure of sire]

•AND – my notes say, Pococeno had bay/dun, light-leg Filly, with small Snip, 2-tone black-top Mane, by SHAMAN ‘1985; born b4 05/22/2005. ..(& idk what happened to her??!

•PLUS Pococeno had a Blue Roan “yearling Son– of PLENTY COUPS during 2000! ………. I.e. (When P.C. broke front leg in 07/2000; “lost Mares by 08/2000”); & “only young Stallion Son was with him” on 08/15/2000.
..(& son was Taken in 2001 RU)….?
this may have been “Alas” or “Azul Solamente” …(IF born in spring 2000?)… OR possibly this Yearling moved to *Shaman band, with mom…?

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114 days ago.: can u tell me,
WHO r Pococeno parents?
Born 1994-
perhaps Pocatello?(Flash daughter) xthe Rev? what Band she is now with?

TCF answered, “not certain – but ‘maybe’
≈the Grulla Mare “Flin Flon” ??} & Tuscon
& now (√01/31/12), Pococeno is in *band of Prince* # 9321.
√so…ANYBODY HAVE some MORE INFORMATION –that can HELP Out here???


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  1. Kelly Landry
    Jul 31, 2014 @ 19:25:47

    I just ran into this blog.. I have Azul Solamente… The living off Sprig to Pleny Coups
    Just thought you should know he is doing great he turned 14 this year He was born in May 2000, and look exactly like Plenty Coups. I have had “Blue” Azul ,Since 2004.


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