Fed Court FORCES *Dept of Interior* to “Consider the SCIENCE” directly in its Face!

¤~”Federal Court FORCES Interior Department to Consider «Scientific Evidence» -Regarding Wild Horse Management”
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| shared by {the Cloud Foundation} on May 10, 2012 … <°÷≈¢

¤~ Honorable U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell stated in her 23-page opinion that the agency
“may not
simply *remain studiously ignorant* of material scientific evidence – well known to the agency – –

and brought directly TO its attention in timely-filed comments.” !!!
• She *decisively Rejected* the BLM’s attempt
to Exclude
–» the expert declarations from the agency’s ~decision-making process~
and Affirmed that *the Court would
consider* the “material scientific evidence”
contained IN the declarations as in future rulings in the case.~¤

{here's more}–»

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