Chance = Tecumseh, then (1998) & now (2012)

¤ “Chance” ¤ – ¤ Tecumseh ¤ (#9804-bt) then & now (4/2012).
Born in 1998 to the mare *War Bonnet* (9311-sy), =» he carries the *characteristic Blaze* of father, *Flash* (1979-2006) !
[photos from “wildhorse daily” the Cloud Foundation ].
–»[correction!: prev. “theory” of {“Lucy” 87-01 x Looking Glass 87-09} !! ]
& ~this = How~ he is “1/2-brother of Ginger’s Absarokee TRACE”, born 1996 of War Bonnet -93 x *Two Boots -89 🙂
–» + why she was back with *Flash that year of the 1997 RoundUp, when *Trace was taken ! –» “Chance” / Tecumseh was born the Following year! 😉
~~cool! (I ~wonder, how Long~ she Stayed w/ Flash ?? – & then, WHO was *mom of *Medicine Bow*, born 1999 … “that Died before he was weaned, due to Injury sustained during a RoundUp” ?????) ”:^?

¤~¤ also see: “the changing Roan coat of *Tecumseh*, winter 2011 – summer 2012” by Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area !
¤~¤ & see: “Chance is beautiful 1/2-bro. of Trace”

[orig photo ID].

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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