finally!? SOME0NE LISTENING!–we thought? [(uh)..was/is Anybody LISTENING??…(apparently ~Not?!?]

finally!! SOMEONE is LISTENING! [(uh)was/is Anybody LISTENING??…
Well, we ~kinda thought~ so…..(apparently ~Not?!?]
I said, “This Out-of-Control ROGUE Government AGENCY …WILL -Be forced to FOLLOW the LAW!!”!!…. {or, so we Believed … ?
& ~now- what? }

¤~¤ …??? & now?… √ out* 4/1/2012!!
≈BLM (a bureau to “Protect ” your Public resources, including Our *wild horses*) ~ new ~whine (against Sup Ct decision!) FOR? “right 2 Hide what gov’t Agencies DO” from U.S. Public!
BLM files “Motion 4 REconsideration” in 9th Circuit RULING”!? “2 challenge” (rightful Supreme Ct Ruled)
Access to Wild Horses + Info re: care of animals.
BLM’s ~new Motion
[= 2 *Hide what Your gov’t Does!] … “addresses *Win of Press Freedom* granted by Court!? on Feb 14 in “Access case” brought by *Laura Leigh, journalist*/founder Wild Horse Edu.”

–» After “9th Cir Court *granted Leigh’s Appeal, Recognized roundups will occur, (as matter of course); when BLM argued “moot” b/c” (that 1) “roundup ended.” —» &
“the 9th Circuit” DISAGREED: it “*ruled* a win for Journalists (Free Press), & Public to :
«gain ¤ meaningful access ¤ to the actions» of Their government” **!!
–»but ?now… BLM ~whines AGAIN –(Against Supreme Ct ¤Wisdom¤).
«–» 4 a gov’t “Rogue Agency” ~should? afterall- have
~Right 2 *Hide what your gov’t really Does!???
& [..uh.. ¤ was ~that «an Order», sir?? ..uh..U meant ?us?]

««––was/Is ¤ ~anybody Listening?!» …(not even to Supreme Court)?? Really? read:

& guess My ~idiot citizen brain -just “dudn’t Get it” ?? [HOW does this ~Work, again?]…?? ?%÷[


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