my LMAo tidbit ! {the amazing History? of “Cooking on Beer-CANs”} ;D))) occurred on: Saturday, Dec 03

» just a giggle..(IF U still Do that??)
–» {my LMAo tidbit} from: Saturday, December 03, 2011 15:42:25 PM.
To 🙂 my friends, & even my-Ex~ … 🙂 🙂
*{Did find this “amazing ~amusement” last eve tho’} :
~~? Do you know ?
“The History Channel”has a *reality* show
“Hairy Bikers” ?? ….
LMAo! :D)))
Current episode reads:
The Drunken Gator:
this week the Men (a.k.a. those “very Hairy Bikers”, presumably?)hunt Alligators in the Florida panhandle & then Cook them;
++ » an extra! = “How to Cook a whole chicken…ON …
(just) – 1 Beer can”
…… ««Howling on floor laughing !»»
& *I do not even Get that channel !
“;D … ~almost want 2 subscribe… For just this 1 show~
*sigh* ¤~¤ perhaps, –»I’m WAY Too easily ~amused~?? …LMAo, still «–


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