grand ole Bigfoot! = the Biggest HEART ~on Pryor Mtn! *a Life, well-Lived »in Dignified ¤ FREEDOM ¤ {we Miss U, big Guy <÷} … Namárië !

:”{ RIP ∞ … big guy! …(I guess that You are *gone, now?? –>Matt said, “Jared SAW U, by plane…abt Mar-Apr 2011, or so… but, they could not Get to your ~secret vale~ ” ∞)
& no 0ne has Said…anything ≈more…?? So, I /we will surely
MISS… “the Big Chocolate-silk Guy, with the Biggest ∞ HEART
-» on Pryor Mtn”!
{>>at least, you can RUN LIKE the WIND …now – with N0 more ~aching * knees!? }

«and grand old Bigfoot’s LIFE ~surely Was a Miracle~ & well-Lived, in *Dignified ¤ FREEDOM*!» …..» Namárië ! farewell 😦 ….


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