Two Boots-89 *8814bt in July 2011, fat & healthy!

Two Boots-89 in July 2011, fat & healthy!

Two Boots-89 in July 2011, fat & healthy!

Two Boots! #8814bt b.1989
Sandy: “I took this in July. I have not see him since… He was with some of the young bachelors.
[Upload by sandyelmore1 on Oct 20, 2011
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This photo is public.]
cssssswv says:
“He looks quite Fat & healthy here! –hope He’s still OK?!?”
[Post 4 wks ago. ~2/9/12]
Siinak says:
I think I saw him a *few weeks ago* with a
*few bachelors dogging a *grulla mare
. I couldn’t get super close fast enough 2 know 4 sure..”
[Post 3 wks ago.~2/17/12]
sandyelmore1 says:
“What were markings on the Grulla mare? Where did u see him? Did u take any photos?”
[Post 3 wks ago.]
Siinak says:
“She was
*grey grulla with heavy stripes on the leg & very muddy. I have picture but not clearest or close shots. He was with a
*dark brown/black horse & *super dark bay w/a semi star. They were grazing together, but don’t think actually banding together. They were just off Sykes Ridge road, after u go down the switchbacks on the right. I ran into abt 20 or so horses in that area
(I come from *Lovell)
[Post 3 wks ago]
sandyelmore1 says:
“thanks! Could u post them anyway?” [3 wks ago]
Siinak says:
“sure..I will when I get home. at work at the moment.”
[Post 3 weeks ago ~from 3/10/2012]
*Two Boots is solid black, 2 hind socks, R-blk M/pst T.
•(past) Mares: Rosebud-91, Broken Bow-93, Polaris-97 (in 02); with Colts: “Bonanza” 2102bt, “Backward Moon” 2104bt, “Coffee” 2227.
Broken Bow (in 03-05); with filly: Demure 2313bt, + “Bonanza”, +“Broken-lion” 2506.
• (2007) = bachelor.
• (2009) Sequoyah 9914, with colt: “Jinx”~2917 +her filly Honeysuckle 2722; Gold Rush 2609, with filly: Juneau~2933.
(2011) = bachelor.

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~


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