& Now, folks…Congress hits 1 to~please~ good-old-CZAR-Salazar! √just Born in the Wrong CENtury & WORLD, dude!*?*! (Try 1924…?)

And Now, folks…1 to ~please~ good-0ld-Sally-CZAR ! √just Born in the Wrong TIME & WORLD, dude?*! —- “Congress Demands that those danged WILD (& nasty) HORSES …Cover-up their foul penises” …ppllu-eese!?  🙂  ≈watch…


Congress, 1924: Rep. Demands Horses Wear Dresses To Hide Foul Penises
~~please click 2nd link, if 1st doesn’t work?

In June 1924 Representative Oliver Shaker (D) condemned government inaction on the issue of publicly exposed horse penis and
proposed a law which would federally require horses to wear modesty dresses….


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