This case, by the HEROES of our time, w/b quoted…whenever “the Public’s Right 2 KNOW”–is ~doubted! Saving the 1st Amendment!

BEST ‘VALENTINE” Ever!!! ..quoting the Author of Our Constitution!…the Judge said, “a popular Government, withOut popular information, OR the means of Acquiring it…is but a Prologue to a Face OR a Tragedy, or perhaps Both…to Provide this 1st Amendment. PROTECTION, the Supreme. Ct has LONG Recognized…a qualified Right of ACCESS for the Press and for the Public — to Observe Government. ACTIVITIES!’ (WOW…Wow! –This* Case — will Be quoted, in 1000’s to come!—whenever / wheresoever the “Public’s Right to Know” OR the PRESS * has ‘reason to Question”…if/what our Government “is Hiding’…behind its Closed-Doors!) –> YOU, Laura & Gordon will Be their HEROES!

Art and Horses (Laura Leigh's Blog)

I was on the range… had no clue.

I showed up this am in the bitter cold and there was no public access point at the trap… “Who in their right mind would come out on a day like today?”…. (Never said the mind was “right” ) Could not see handling at holding. Cannot see enough to assess horses and handling, at all.

There have been areas of improved dialogue working on the Stone Cabin adoption but real access is a major issue…

I left with a head ache thinking tomorrow might be better.

As soon as I had signal I saw I had a text from my attorney Gordon Cowan “Call Urgent.”

He read me the decision with so much emotion he had to stop twice.

I could hear those that signed our Constitution into law… applaud.

BLM Must Grant Press Access to Observe “Gathers” After

Huge Loss in…

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