Heading to Stone Cabin


Wow! What a cool way … to adopt a “Stone-Cabin Grey'”! ‘B) ,….((since they’re gonna Be Stripped from their Rightful Home, anyway))
I surely Hope that This ≈goes Well≈ for these poor frightened Babies …
Best*of*Luck to Any of U, out there… who Are able to DO this!! —and
Please * let Us all “know” – EXACTLY How it worked??

Art and Horses (Laura Leigh's Blog)

Turning the ignition in a few moments and hitting the road.Trying to make sure that there is everything I need in case the truck doesn’t make it, gets a flat, or there is fire or flood. : )

There will be an option for adoption that allows horses to go to new homes from Temporary. Personally that is how I would take a horse but I know it’s not for everyone.

You can read more about it here: http://wildhorseeducation.org

I have started this post so that I can answer questions that are appearing in several venues and being emailed to me. I will answer a few here.

No horses will be sale authority through this option.

Yes, the name “trapsite” adoption is a bit misleading. Horses only leave the range after branding and vaccination (just like at a facility). That is done at holding. (Home Range adoption is my choice…

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