Scientific and Scholarly MISCONDUCT*{claim filed Against BLM!}*Intentional Exclusion* of LIVESTOCK-Grazing* as “Disturbance Factor” from *Rapid Ecoregional Assessments!

News! #Complaint of *Scientific and Scholarly MISCONDUCT* –{filed Against BLM!}
*Intentional Exclusion* of LIVESTOCK Grazing* as a “Disturbance Factor” from *Rapid_Ecoregional_Assessments BY Bureau of Land Management !

�Complainant: Filed BY Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER),
nonprofit svc org representing Public employees, including *Scientists working within Dept of Interior* (DOI), generally, + within U.S. Bureau of Land Management* (BLM), specifically.

�COMPLAINT Summary: BLM is conducting a �series of Rapid-Ecoregional-Assessments�
(REAs) to *establish Baseline condition* and *future Vulnerability of resources of
�Conservation Concern� vis-�-vis regionally *important Ecological and Environmental
*disturbance factors*.
�BLM intends to *conduct REAs* for “all Ecoregions which contain Land and Resources” under *BLM administration.
�These REAs are ~Intended to~ understand *ecological Conditions and *trends of Resources of
conservation Concern, such as fish and Wildlife Habitats, Species of concern, Soils, Water @regional level as *affected by Natural + Human “disturbance factors”*, such as: wildfire, invasive species, *Development (incl. #Energy-development activity),
*Climate change*, and other *CAUSAL Factors* of regional importance.
�These REAs are intended to:
*establish both *Baseline ecological Condition* data + *Predict future Vulnerabilities*,
�To PROVIDE *science-based information for
�Use in *future Resource-Planning* and *Decision-making within an �adaptive Management”-framework,
{including WILD HORSE Management/Mismanagement of HMAs, HAs, +hidden Holding facilities!!!}.

�LIVESTOCK Grazing ‘as a Causal_Agent’ was- *EXCLUDED from Further-Consideration*!! in ALL 6 Ecoregions*,
+ all ~proposed *Management �questions* Relevant to Condition Assessments� were *stricken-from-the-record*. !
�Intentional EXCLUSION of *Livestock-GRAZING*-as a Causal-Factor FROM the REAs* will *slant Resultant findings AND *Interpretations of Causes* responsible for status and… {read more link!}


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