¤~some most impt Lessons of Life, I’ve learned~¤ *“÷} …now–» how ’bout Yours ?*?

¤~some most impt Lessons of Life, I’ve learned~¤ *“÷}
…now–» how ’bout Yours ?*?

post~~never forget that Life–IS a Miracle~~

June 23 2015. Report from the Mountain ~ almost as IF i am There!

June 2015. Report from the Mountain .
I’m so enjoying these brief frequent in-the-moment updates! Feels almost as IF I was there 🙂

ATTENTION Researchers! Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse research

(reblog)  Wyoming agriculture officials are one step closer to granting researchers a portion of $250,000 allocated by Gov. Matt Mead for wild horse research in the state.

The department received more than 10 proposals for grant-funded research projects, with topics ranging from wild horses’ interaction with the range to population control methods.

“Our goal is to get information and specific data that is lacking or that BLM doesn’t have,” said Chris Wichmann, natural resource and policy manager at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. “We want actual data on the ground that can help the state and BLM with the management of wild horses.”

Money will be divided into three categories for grant approval:

•Wild horse populations and statistical methods
•Wildlife and rangeland conditions
Development of a wild horse scientific summit.
Wyoming agriculture industry leaders say the data could help steer the wild horse conversation away from emotion and toward science.

“We need to bring the discussion back to management of the resource on public and private lands as opposed to horses versus cows,” said Jim Magagna, executive director of  Wyoming Stock Growers Association. “Some solid data with regard to forage consumption and related issues could be helpful in doing that.”

Ken Hamilton, executive director of Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, said that the money may not be enough to solve the issue but that it will provide data for a scientific start to finding solutions.

“With this issue, it is extremely important to try to work for a solution,” Hamilton said. “The current solutions we have are just stopgap measures.”

The agriculture department will work with a panel of four legislators, including agriculture committee chairmen Sen. Gerald Geis, R-Worland, and Rep. Robert McKim, R-Afton.

A decision is expected in late January and early February.

ATTENTION Researchers And. Advocates ! This $$ is destined for YoU! Rachel Reeves, Ginger Kathrens, the Cloud Foundation, Laura Leigh, WHE, RT Fitch and more….

Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch
http://m.trib.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/wyoming-grants-aim-to-boost-wild-horse-reasearch/article_c3b554c9-df27-5152-a834-4b8ef7c267ec.htmlWyoming grants aim to boost wild horse reasearch

haptics? Feel Things That Aren’t There? Really really cool ! I wanna know MORE : *~»

Really really cool ! I wanna know MORE :  *~» 

The theory behind current haptics applications goes back into what is called multiple resource theory. Humans are visual animals, but when that sense gets overwhelmed other senses can compensate. Think of a blind person learning what another person’s face looks like by touching it.

Now imagine ‎……

 . Haptic Technology Makes You Feel Things That Aren’t There | Inside Science. http://www.insidescience.org/content/haptic-technology-makes-you-feel-things-aren’t-there/2421


 ‎One system [Disney research]  developed, called REVEL, projects texture on smooth objects. With that technology, it might be possible to feel the material in a sweater before you buy it online. It can work on any surface, including furniture, walls, tabletops, or human skin, through vibrators embedded in a chair. It can help make a player feel as if he or she is driving a race car, complete with skids and collisions.


*~»There are haptic keyboards coming.!!«~*

In medicine it may soon be possible for a doctor to look at a 3D MRI or CT image, stick his or her hand into the image and feel for things like tumors, blockages, blood clots.

** Haptics is already being used in robotic surgery. The surgeon, holding controls, can feel what the robot is feeling and react properly, a variant on the fly-by-wire controls….  


Read l‎ots‎ more ¡! »» 

Not For The Faint of Heart

I, t00, am an American that believes our nation was created for all of us… not a select few.
…. ALL OF YOU. WE as a nation can not continue to allow this.

Wild Horse Education

ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West.... on a range that had "voluntary" livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West…. on a range that had “voluntary” livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. (Picture taken in May… and we have revisited him multiple times)

Letter from the Range, Laura Leigh, WHE President

This time of year we are particularly busy with ground work. What WHE does is a “bottom to top” approach that focuses on key factors in a site specific manner. This makes our ability to respond to emails etc rather limited for several months at a time. We are in one of those times. 

In a simplistic overview the majority of what we are doing is gathering comparative information over time to demonstrate the areas where inappropriate action, or no action, has created near crisis situations. You can view some of what has been loaded on the Range page. But on that page you can also…

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Twitpic – Share photos/ /n0t//(Mato race mom) on Twitter

Twitpic – Share photos and videos on Twitter.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Mato ska (Mica) outraces mom Feldspar
{photo by CloudFoundation}……...supposed t/b WITH TWEET ABT. WILD HORSES!!!! !!!!!!
And• ;;;;» R.T. Fitch inTerView• !

seeing his enjoyment in taking your control…..

seeing his enjoyment in taking your control…..Mm.m……..

I must be one of the Devil’s daughters

LoVe LoVe. LoVe ~this~

Are you able to burn those bridges and move on?

Burning bridges. 0r Ruminations ? obsessions (that’s _me_))

My Travels with Depression

This week’s writing class assignment is to randomly select a writing prompt from a book, Imageor something.  Then write for at least 5 minutes your response to the chosen words. 

At the beginning of our writing group, each member received a “Recovery College” writing pad.  On the top of each page, there is a quote.  The page I am onto now has this quote at the top. 

“May the Bridges I burn light the Way”

That quote will be my writing prompt.  .  This is my five minutes of rambling and hopefully I might learn how to burn some bridges.

ImageBurning bridges/letting go is evidently not my strong point.  I hang onto day-to-day disputes/mishaps and then obsessively ruminate over them for days, sometimes weeks.  I exhaust myself with the mental torture and I neglect my life by being caught up in so much internal drama.  

Is that part of…

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The Traumatised Child Within

My Travels with Depression

ImageThroughout life, rather than live with childhood trauma, many of us are inclined to run from the memories that transport us back to a place we try so hard to escape.

I imagine that every survivor of abuse has awareness for the need to forgive and move on – not for the abusers benefit, but for our own peace of mind.  There is desperation to find healing of the hurt, shame and humiliation.  At the same point, there is less of a willingness to forgive the perpetrator(s).

How can we find forgiveness in our hearts for people whose self-righteous arrogance Imagecannot admit they were wrong?  How can we overcome the anger for our abusers and the impact their actions have on our entire lives?  I seem to harbour some kind of mental block against achieving that idealistic state of forgiveness. 

At the weekend, something weird happened.  I became aware of…

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It’s a Shame /\ coUlda-Been : ‘a niCe aPPreciation’

~»2013-0503 10:04 a REmindER of – {what will neVer haPPen}

    ~& it’s a Shame!
    [ was SO eXcited ]

;;;;;» (( F00Lish~me….thought YoU •MEANT• it….))


Kicking-Up mY heels *weeKend! {WØW}

*a PROUD ~mommy~ ! KicKing-UP my heels* this WeekEnd + Monday ! …(05/18-05/20, 2013) “;{)

    Nat. Geo. asked: “IF you could BE – any North American WILD animal??” – Tweet –
    (( I would wanna BE: ¤ wild & Free mare, Mariah ¤ on Pryor Mountain WILD HORSE RanGe !! ))

|| Thank you*, Cloud Foundation, for my “borrowing” of YOUR photo’s *SentiMent* ! {I dunno of ANY other 1 ~ that could Answer “Nat. Geo’s Question”!? } ||

Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits

Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits.

WoW–Cool, inSpiring post for Readers + Writers! {esp. 4 thOse / “hiDDen * Poets” \ amongst us!} “Blogger Profile: Poet & Author Kellie Elmore”

Blogger Profile: Poet and Author Kellie Elmore.

    WoW–Cool, inSpiring post for Readers + Writers!
    {esp. 4 thOse / “hiDDen * Poets” \ amongst us!}. . .

LOTs of Ideas & How-2’s, plus inspiring READs (& links) ~ to B00T !

yet aNOther VooDoo “NoN-sensical” low-tecH day?

& ALL this while,
~we thoUGHt~ these “strUGgling” American companies…..wanted to:
\ uh uh /make $$ & KEEP customers” ???

    but~~» APParentLY ~n0t~ ! `;[

surely, surely – there is S0me0ne /\ s0meWhere
wh0 CAN FIGURE-0uT s0meWay? ~ for the Oldest “smartphone” maker +AND+ the Oldest “flash Video” encoders ~ to PLAY (niceLy) together?!
{plUS} PROvide actual sSserViceSss….4 us, THE ~Ƈustomers~???

    can ya Hear the *future* 0r the -paSt- callin’ to ya??,
    BlackBerry & Adobe FLASHplayer?

Just saYin’ ….
N0 video , N0 aCCess , N0 news , N0Nsense
= N0 repeat Purchase$ (either) …..

    Ŀ♡√Ɛ, from “Sick’n’Tired of paying 4 a STUPID~’smart’phone”!

(((((O, yeah — & “buy-American”…)))))

Twitpic – Share photos //N0t/// on Twitter (we expect more)

Twitpic – Share photos and videos on Twitter.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

IF oNly – HEAT?? |Can “unbecoming” act as VERB? 0r 0nly AdjectIve?| (how) cAn 0nE “BE-come”«–this ?|


    is wh0 ~
    I’ve ~beComE~ ?
    |cAn 0nE “BE-come” «–this ?|
    |can 0ne UN~beCoMe ~it?alSo?|
    t h i s
    IS «now»
    my ~so~called~
    …. ?

|that’s – it | ?
| that’s – all | ?

    I thought ~
    I * h e a r d
    ?_ me_? SAY …..
    ///// ~~ηєνєя ƒσяgєт тнαт ℓ̓є–Χ α мιяα¢ℓє~~ \\\\

¿ was that* _me_?

    {{and, Is “unbecoming” a VERB, as well??

~•~ 0r
sTr!cTly an ADJECTIVE! //stuck~In•time•-as~is??\\
I wønder…..}}

IF =HeaT= fInALLy~??? \geez/\@_@/

IF =HeaT= fInALLy~??? \geez/\@_@/

(\ /)
(> )>
VV noTe:: this [post] was prepared for mid~December* 2012…{& §AT here__“pending” alOne}

/¿?\ n0netheLe§§ ~ these
P Ø N D E R I Ñ Gz remain•…. …..



the SUrrendering of America !WØW! speech of *Insight/Foresight* from 1958! [REblog from PPJG]

“The Piece Meal Surrender of AMERICA”: Robert Welch in 1958!

  1. WØW!!!! listen…
  2. GeeZ! Y!Kes ~ I was born in 1958..?.. £;-{)
  3. Y♡Ʊ’ĿĿ ĿĪҠƐ ŦĤĪS* ……
    {Posted by PPJ Gazette
    ;;;;» REblog

[;;;;» . . . .““Mind blowing speech! by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders PLANS to destroy America!!?
–(this must be viewed on You Tube) (8:59 min)

(((“This is NOT about your political views, please listen until conclusion” . . . .))))


    “My fellow Americans, please take 3 minutes* of your time to VIEW
    this important video BY Mr. Robert Welch, a man of great* foresight*.

    It will truly Touch your  Heart.

    “Please pass along to your friends. Thank you for your help.”

This is posted on http://www.StopTheCrime.net  watch “The Iron Mountain Report” . . .
Source, PPAG 011813


    & az aLwayz :
    ~¡~ηєνєя ƒσяGєт тнαт ℓ̓є–Χ α ¤~мιяα¢ℓє~¤~!

IMmensely ThankFUL: a Mommy’s thoughts » to a Daddy! ;(}

so IMmensely ThankFUL~¤ :
a Mommy’s thoughts » to her old ¤kinDred~SpiRit¤ ;(}

    ÷÷ ON an INcomprehensibly EVIL Day ….
    {full of Babies* being~muRdered?!?}


TØøNight! “Get yourself a blanket & a clear View of SKY, U could be in for a Great Show!” * / * / * / * / \WisH-TiMe/

=••= Sky-watchers Get Set for Cosmic Fireworks Show!

*\*\* Strong Geminid meteor shower predicted this year ! *\*\*

    ||wh000ps! {I forGot to “activate it”,) • bUt-
    There’s ~still~ LOTs of Time! {+ TØmørrøw, t00..} |

    ^AND^ I ActuALLy did SEE*–» 2*~-» of the Sh00ting*Stars! ;D
    @ around 2:20 a.m.!

    HOW C00L…. ¥**WI!SH! #TIME#!**¥ `;{) ||


    |Andrew Fazekas,
    for Nat Geo News,
    Dec 11, 2012|

Sky-watchers are in for an early holiday TreaT as mid-December marks PEAK of Geminid meteor shower, the most * prolific & Mysterious * annual cosmic fireworks show.
The meteor shower has been grOwing in intensity 0ver recent decades & should be better-than-usual this* year!
b/c it falls during a nearly m00nless week
*\Dozens*\~»» of Shooting*Stars per hour should streak across the SKY on the night of Dec 13 ~ into early hours of Dec 14, making “the Geminids” strongest, most reliable celestial shows around.

    (See pics from 2010: “Brilliant Geminids Dazzle Sky-Watchers.”)

“Usual yield estimates = b/w 80-120* meteors PER hour*~» under good viewing conditions,” [Ben Burress, staff astronomer – Chabot Space/Science Ctr, Oakland CA]

    “Fortunately December 13th is new (• m00n, so there will
    be n0 ((m00n)) at all during the shower,”
    he added; viewing from as DARK a location as possible, far from city lights, is the best*way to see the meteors.

Stronger Through the Years *=»

Historically the Geminids were overlooked by most amateur astronomers simply b/c the annual event occurs so close to busy holiday season & frigid winter nights—but that’s beginning to change thanks to its rising* intensity over the past few decades.
In fact, for many astronomers, the Dec. meteors have now dethroned the more popular “August Perseids” as shooting*star*Event of the Year.
“This shower was 1st noticed in 1862, & its intensity* has been INcreasing over the past 100 years,”
[Jim Todd, planetarium mgr @ OR Museum of Science & Industry].
“Around 1900, the peak averaged 15-20 meteors/hour, but is nOw
grown to well 0ver 100* per hour*!”

Mysterious Parentage*=»

Reason for the UPswing?
Astronomers believe that Earth is plowing deeper every yr into an ancient* debris stream
~•left beHind•~ by a
mysterious* 3-mile-wide [5-km] asteroid-like object
((((orbiting the iNNer solar system)))). . .
But ~unlike other meteor showers that spring from material shed by melting icy comets as they swing close to sun,
scientists “aren’t sure” whether the Geminids’ parent object, called “3200 Phaethon”,
is an asteroid 0r a nearly dead comet.
“This object does n0t develop a cometary tail when it passes near the sun, -but-
bits of it do break off during its journey past the sun,” Todd explained.
“When Earth passes through this debris, we experience the Geminid meteor shower
After Phaethon was discovered in 1983 by a NASA satellite, astronomers quickly matched its year-&-1/2 orbit precisely with the Geminids, making it a prime candidate for source of the meteors.

*\* Ø *\* ø

A Great Show*=»

Since Geminids hit the atmosphere abt 20 miles/second (32 km/s)
~slower~ than other meteor showers—they
create *beautiful long ARCs* across~the~sky that can last for a second or 2. | 😀 |
Favoring observers in North Hemisphere, the shower’s “radiant”—(pt in sky from which meteors appear to originate)—is constellation Gemini ~ Rises above Eastern-> horizon after 9 p.m. local.
* Observers will want to =~» head outside b/w 10 p.m.–5 a.m. local time, but best views will be in the wee hours of Friday morn.
“At around **2 a.m.** local time is when show will be AT its Best—as the shower’s Radiant point in Gemini reaches highest in the sky, = directly | South” =
Øø +for a sky-watch bOnus, keen-eyed observers also have opportunity to spy several planetary neighbors as shooting-*\*\*-Stars rain down.
“Just West«- of constellation Gemini will be the brilliant planet Jupiter* shining bright, visible thru’out the night.”

Øø Øø

“While just b4 sunrise,
Saturn, Venus,& Mercury appear*
above the SouthEastern \» horizon for a beautiful display.”

    => “Get yourself a blanket* & a clear view* of the sky, because yoU could be in for a Great Show!”. . . .

* / * / * / * / * /


Twitpic: “Pedo mellon a Mino!”

Twitpic – Share photos and videos on Twitter.

at my doorstep:
“””Pedo Mellon a Mino “”””
((Speak – Friend – and Enter!))

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

÷} All {frienDly} soUls ~ are WELCOME ~ here !

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